Teething and tithing

Well, those of you who are parents either have (please tell me how to survive) or will (you poor poor poor POOR bastards) live through the phenomena of teething. Ok, so little David has 1 tooth. Or rather, half of one. The other part is still below the gums, so right now, he has a dull, nicked little razorblade stuck in his gums. That explains the whines and howls over the last period. Today however, my girlfriend discovered something else. His second tooth is on the way as well. Oh yeah. Like David didnt have enough of a bad temper as it is. In the mornings, dont talk to him unless you happen to A: want to put him back into the bed or B: have huuuuge …… tracks of land if you know what i mean (I mean boobs you dunce) brimming full with milk that is all his for the taking. Naturally, you also have to look like his mom, smell like his mom and act like his mom. (at least i hope thats the criteria) He whines, yawns, moans and makes a pretty good point of going back in to bed, and if you dont let him, he gets the scowl of a century on his face, just like his old man. My, its true what they say, the apple dont fall far from the tree.