If you are gonna bitch, bitch about whats right

I really dont know what type of situation that you people
comes from, but those of you that work in customer support
in various ways knows that the old device “The customer
is always right” is dead wrong. Personally, I would like
to go to the hardware store that invented the expression
and force the boss there to eat the damn plaque without
softener or salt.

Todays world is customer driven, we know that to be a fact
but it appears that the general consensus is that because
of the above mentioned statement, the clients can request..
let me rephrase that, DEMAND that things are done his
way or .. and no highway option supplied. So lets take this
in an internet support perspective and in a perspective
that I myself am very familiar with. I host a Multi User
Dungeon, MUD for short. and I have players from Canada
USA, Japan, Sweden, Portugal and Croatia. I may have more
contries, but those are the ones I am certain of, and
from a techs point of view, we all know that the
routes that they take to get to my server is a little
different based on where they are located.

Now, one of the more recurring things I see is this:
(names withheld of course)

<i116> XXXXXXXX chats ‘Too much lag, can some imm restart the server?’

Ok, this in itself isnt a problem, I can see why someone
would think that the server needs a reboot, as they most
likely use windows that gets sluggy after a few days uptime,
but my server very much isnt. What is even funnier is the
reply that usually comes directly afterwards.

<i116> YYYYYYY chats ‘No, dont! I am not lagging and I am waiting for
tynstri repop’

Seriously. The fact that I am not lagging is easy to see if you check
what IP adress I connect from. For your info, in case some numbskull
wants to try to hack it, is (go ahead punk, try to blast
that IPnumber off the net) but the conversation above very often
is followed by a mail to me stating that “i am lagging, player x
is not, it has to be either your connection or a codeflaw”

I dont know what dimension you are from, but in THIS one, if
there are 15 people that things works perfectly for and 1
that has trouble, it usually isnt the server or the 15 other
people that is the issue.

Even more hilarious is when I try to explain about routing
and how things pass through different places, they demand that
Now… if the problem isnt in my gear, or in the ISPs gear
what can they do?

It is something like a manufacturer makes a car, using
a second vendors parts. basically buys the engine, drive
shaft etc etc and suddenly a customer decides that it would
be smarter to have a different drivetrain to that engine
and demands that the manufacturer suddenly switch drivetrain
on all cars just because in the customers way to see things
the second drivetrain would be better because its another

— sheesh