Legitimate violation

mareados-whiskey-glass-swidAs most of you know, I am a whiskey lover.
More towards single malts then blended,
but despite that, I get a lot of blended
scotch whiskey in my hands, and, dont tell
anyone, I actually start to like. Some
however, lacks in appeal to me.

A while ago, I was given a bottle of a brand
named “Claymore” a scottish blended that
has a pretty distinct taste, and the aftertaste
is very hard to place, yet I find myself thinking
“Hmmm, what could I do with this one.”

Today the answer came. I had some icecubes
in the freezer and I have my trusty soda streamer
and heres what I did.

I crushed the ice and filled a pint glass to about two
thirds. then I poured equal amounts of apple soft
drink and Claymore scotch into it. It made for a
wonderful drink in a striking heat and it was a pure
joy sitting at the balcony sipping one.

If I figure out some more good stuff, I will let you know.