Nice neighbourhood

In there area I live, we have something that I find pretty cool.
If we have any bulky things that we need to get rid of, we simply
put those items outside the main door on thursday nights
and on friday morning, a crew comes and collect it, unless
someone else in the neighbourhood wants it. Usually
thats what you do with furniture that you want to get rid of.

Now, some of my neighbours are quite… well…. posh to be
honest, so not everything goes. This thursday someone had
put a TV bench outside and from my balcony it looked  kinda
OK, so I went downstairs to take a closer look. Turns out that there
was hardly  even a scratch on it, the only errors I could find was that the
main shelf for DVD player or VCR was missing, not broken, just missing
and another shelf for the side cabinet. Of course, an occasional mark
but hey, it is used after all. Also, the magnets for the main doors
had fallen off. Now, this server, resides in an old stereo
rack, wich, incidentally, had magnet lock doors. However, since the
cabinet is skewed, the magnet lock isn’t in use, im using velcro bands
to keep it closed and also, to keep a certain little kid from turning off
the server.

So, today I grabbed my trusty screwdriver and removed the magnet
from the stereorack, and mounted that in the TV bench. Lo and behold
it fit like a glove, and since the mounting screws wasnt the same diameter
as the old ones, I didn’t even have to plug the holes up, just screw it into
place. Woooh! Go me!.

So, now we have done a little refurnishing and its in place, and it looks good
too. Here’s how it looks:

Nice neighbours indeed.