Light of my life

Have you noticed how in these times we seem to take for granted
things that we really hold dear and cherish, but we simply dont have
the time to care for them as much as we want to?

Well, I have been blessed and cursed at the same time with this damage
to my larynxes. I have been able to spend a lot of time with my son, time
that I never would have had without the damages. It also gave a lot of time
in reflecting on life itself. I dont claim to be a guru or anything, but in my
humble opinion, life is what you make of it, just make sure that you have
good times and love along the way.
David is both a cause of joy
and grief for me. Grief because
I really have a hard time standing
high pitched voices, and a childs
scream is almost outside the
hearing range, note the almost.
But also, I really cant imagine
what life without him would be.

I am not really what I myself would
consider to be ideal parenting material.
I have my flaws as much as everyone
else on this planet, but I would atleast
like to think that my son appreciates me
with my faults and everything, despite
me having a hard time standing his squeels
of anger when he doesnt get what he wants.

David is of course, a much photographed
motif in our little household, and the
images ranges from “Ooooh so cute”
to “look at that little monster” and I
figured id share some with you.

Lately, David started signing with his hand when he wants something, pretty much the
same way that you or I would call a waiter for an additional order or the check, I am
not really sure where he picked it up, but I know when I saw it for the first time.

I was eating some crisps, sitting in front of my computer as always and suddenly this little
hand came up right in front of my eyes. I thought it wasnt more then a little gesture that
he wanted a kiss on the finger or similar, so I gave the finger a lil kiss.
Still, the handsign persisted. Oh well, he should grow tired of it soon enough.
So, i grabbed a crisp, moved it to my mouth and HE SNATCHED IT.
Just like that .. YOINKS! Now he has started that sign for pretty much everything
he wants. He peers at the object in question, and raises his hand. like this:

Cute, aint it?

Well, some images just have to be shown because they are so wonderful.
You remember those little cherub booktags that you could get? I got my own.

Recently though, he started to make funny faces at me and his mom. Dont ask us
where they came from, because I never made any (at least to my knowledge)
but he manages to pull off a pretty good “possessed” look when he wants to,
I even photoshoped the next photo for my own sake to keep, and it turned out well.
Heres the original:

I will end this saying this. You all heard me say that ill treat you for a latte
Well, heres what mine looks like when i make em: