Iphone this and Iphone that.

Oh my GOD! I am getting so fed up with the hype surrounding Iphone.
It’s a mobile phone from apple. So what? Ok, lets get my view straight
from the onset. The Iphone as a really awesome flow, just because
the hardware is made for the software and they are locked to eachother.
So, naturally, it flows nice and easy compared to many other phones
and the same can be said about apples computers. But really….

Does it need huge headlines? I personally dont think so. I am not
a Mac Fanboi, neither am I one of those that need to have a gadget
just “because its so cool” to have one. The reason I would want an
fruitphone would be that it has a little better capabilities when it comes
to the extra functions. Right now I have a HTC Touch. First edition, so
its a little slow and it runs out of memory when I surf, but I know about
this and expect it. However, I am eyeballing the new HTC Touch HD
(A.K.A Blackstone).

I know, I know. It has Windows Mobile on it. However, that is ONE
of the many reasons. You see, I have all my ebooks in Microsoft .lit
format, wich, albeit is a locked format, but its pleasant to read, and
well, im comfortable with it. And seeing how much of a PDA this thing
is, I already have a score of different software that I use on a daily
basis that can still be used on that phone. Nifty huh?

Now, just to annoy some of the people out there, heres a comparison
of the BlackStone contra Iphone3G: (click image for larger version)