Push my buttons

Go right on ahead and do it why dont you?
Have you ever had someone that was fairly close
to you who actually seemed to enjoy trying to
make you feel bad, tried to push the blame
for pretty much everything that is wrong with that
persons life onto you? I do. Let me give you a little

I have a 1 year old kid. If you ever read this
blog before you should know about that already
if not, well, shame on you. Anyhow, someone
close to me recently stated that “you have to
go there and there before X-mas” Fine, I told
the person that I will try.

I dont know how other people do it, but for us
when we go somewhere its pretty much the spur
of the moment thing. If David is OK, and we
have leisure time wich frankly, is very seldom
we can go somewhere, but we cant plan ahead.
Especially not when I work evening shifts followed
by a weekend and christmas being what it is, you
have a million things that needs to be attended.

Now, this person who managed to tick me off
is someone who knows everything about what makes
me tick and today, I came to the insight that
the person really uses it to the utmost.

Let me give you an explanation. Here is what happened.

XXXXXX: you have to come here before christmas.
XXXXXX: at least give me a date when you come here.
Me: I am not sure I will be able to. I work nights this
week, then I am free friday, then I work over the
weekend and all towards christmas.
Me: You are however welcome here friday if you want to.
XXXXXX: I cant. I have too much to do.
XXXXXX: Besides, I am sick.
Me: Then you are in pretty much the same position I am.
XXXXXX: Ok. Have a nice holiday.

And there the conversation ended.

Heres the funny part. I live about 1 and a half hour
from this person. It’s really not that far and that
person doesnt have toddlers that needs to be checked
upon and made sure that they are alright all the time.
Last wednesday the person went to gothenburg.
No big deal in that. BUT I went to their place on saturday
and guess what. The person was still not home from the
gothenburg trip.

So, a five day trip to gothenburg isnt as stressing as
a total of 3 hours to drive to get to me?
What gives?

And since I CANT budge seeing as I have work AND the child
to mind, its safe to assume that I WILL be offended by a
flippant “have a nice holiday” and the person knows this
I have TOLD the person how I react to that sort of behaviour.
Pherhaps that was the mistake I made.

Oh well. I guess some people never learn that I can be
as stubborn and tough as a brick wall if I need to be.
They have my invitation. If they care to take it up
that is THEIR responsibility, not mine.

Ta Ta…