View through my glasses

Yesterday, while on a train ride home I got asked on my political views since I am wearing a pirate party keychain.
Well, I explained to him that yes, my vote will go to the pirate party. And the person more or less exploded in my
face demanding to know how I could vote for a “one-issue party”. Well, then came a nice little diatribe about stealing
artists material, freeloader, etc etc etc.

I let him ramble on for a while and simply stated that I couldnt care less
about filesharing. Filesharing is not the reason for me to leave the more
established parties, the issue that I want to adress is the personal integrity
breaches that now occurs daily, that foreign monetary interrests are more
or less able to dictate domestic laws and that the swedish government actually
bends for those demands.

He then pretty much looked like I had hit the back of his head with a board,
completely stunned. It was as if he did not understand what I was saying.
A “pirate” sympathizer who did not want the free, albeit questionable, “right”
to download whatever he wanted from the web.

I gave it a few seconds of thought and formulated the answer like this:

Would you mind if I stopped the mailman before he reached your mailbox,
took your mail, opened it, copied it for future reference and then put it back
in the envelope and slid it inside his mailbox. Of course he was outraged, Noone has the right to read his mail of course. My thoughts around here was “he is taking it, hook line and sinker” so I pressed on.

If you where talking to your wife on the phone, would it be OK for me to have a hidden device and
sit somewhere else just to listen, and to be able to file the entire conversation, no matter what
it was about so it will be stored in some archive just incase you will do something later on?
He started to get confused again, so he told me: Of course not, but what does that have to do
with the pirate party?

I then explained the FRA law, IPRED and ACTA agreements. And of course, he dragged out the 2
arguments that seems to be the last saviour for those defending these idiocies: But what if I dont have
anything to hide? Well.. You wouldnt mind someone videofilming you and your wife then?
My point is, what someone think is private varies, but you have to have a common limit on what
is OK to look at. We have just given the government to treat the entire swedish population as
potential terrorists and now, any communication that is not face to face can be monitored,
dont you see a problem with that.

I could see uncertainty slowly creeping up on this poor man but I had my steamengine puffing now
so I pressed on.

Your kid probably uses facebook, MSN and a wide variety of other social tools, are you OK
with someone knowing all about your daughters/sons conversations online, no matter on how an
embarrasing subject? You know, if I followed you around constantly for a few weeks, always noting
down what you did, you could call me into court and slap a restraining order in my face with ease
and the court would approve, and I am pretty sure that you would, however you have just told
the government that “Hey, its ok, follow me and my family” in the same way, albeit online, and whats
worse, is that its leaning more and more towards that uncontrolled, (or should i say overcontrolled?)
profit organizations will  have the exact same permission.

On top of that, BOTH government has promised, word for word, that these new laws will not be used
to persecute young people and alienate the entire youth population, yet, this is exactly what has happened.
They havent “caught” anyone that makes money on filesharing (There still isn’t anything that shows that the
founders of The Pirate Bay” earned their money on filesharing.) And those that HAVE been fined for it
has mostly been students and we all know that students are the same as the rich people… or maybe not.

At this point, I could actually see this man squirming in his seat and then came the surveillance supporters
try at “Ace” card. “Well, it can stop potential terrorists”

Now, I will use a technique that I actually despise myself, one of the ruling techniques so used by Göran Persson,
But do you honestly think that either Blondinbella, Agda at the nursing home, or for that matter will plant a
bomb somewhere and do you seriously think that IF terrorists use the internet for communication, that
will happen through MSN? I dont think so, we are probably talking about 256 bit AES encrypted VPN
tunnels, wich pretty much are impossible to break, and then on top of that, some other type of encryption
just to be on the safe side, and by the time the government has FINALLY cracked the encryptions, the
victims will be buried and the survivors have all recovered as fully as possible, so what good is it?

Ever seen a fish on land? I did yesterday.

It appears that I was talking to a pretty high placed politician in Örebro Län. I wont tell you whom,
but now atleast, I know the ignorance that is displayed by politicians firsthand. Good to know.


1984, in your computers today

Well, today is the day when the swedish government will be able to monitor all traffic that is going to
cross swedish servers (i wonder how long it will take for them to realize that MOST things that goes
over the internet will go abroad…. i do hope they have plenty of storage space) so, as of today
I will start giving some tips on how to protest this idiocity, in a few easy steps.

First up, for you bloggers. Unless you are doing like me and hosting your own servers,
you are most likely using or blogs. Both situated in the US.
Now, all your bloggposts will be monitored when sent online, and you wont get a single
reader point for it. Depressing isn’t it? However, you can protest that with an easy set of

First off, I am pretty sure that they are not sitting there and manually scanning all the
data being sent through the nodes, but rather using an advanced filter algorithm that
goes through what you are sending and if something suspicious is found, saves it to be
controlled at a later date. Now, lets see if we can activate that filter and get our posts
stored shall we?

Add this paragraph as the last part of your post and voila, you will most likely get scanned.

Jihad, Mulla, Sarine, C4, Explosives, Plane, Hizbollah, Infidels, Muhammed, Sura, Subway, Stockholm,
shipment, panic, authorities, Akbar, seize, attack, heart, anarchy, riot, cataclysmic.

Now, I am pretty sure that you recognize the words, and I am pretty sure that if a machine is set
to search for words that may give hints of future acts of terrorism would be squeeling in delight
at that combination of words.

Now, the majority of people in sweden seems to be using e-mail services from either gmail, hotmail or yahoo. Guess what.. neither of those are situated in Sweden. So, no more steamy e-mails to your
missis while she is visiting her mothers, because one wrong word in it, and most likely, your
email will get stored so that someone can read it. Great huh? Now, you can protest to this
aswell using the above mentioned string of words, but why not do it in a more blatant way?
Add an automatic CC to and save them the trouble of scanning your mail
since you will be sending them a copy of every mail you send. On top of that, if more
people do the same thing, you will get a nicely spammed box in that system. And heres the
kicker: If they have a catch-all adress, that one will be spammed too. Not by bulk mail, but
by information that they explicitly have asked for.

Now, most of you who read blogs are pretty well versed in technology, but still dont
really want to be bothered with the deep details about encryption, but there are easy
ways to come around the traffic scanners. One is using encrypted traffic.

Here are a few easy ways to do just that. Follow one of these links

Until next time.

I usually dont write in swedish but..

I really cant be arsed to translate both of these articles.
So, heres what Expressen has to say today.

Tolgfors: Inga kompromisser

Det blir inga fler kompromisser när tilläggen till
FRA-lagen ska klubbas i höst.  Det beskedet ger
försvarsminister Sten Tolgfors till Expressen. Därmed
nobbar han centerpartisternas ansträngningar för att
begränsa spionlagen.

– Det har gjorts en uppgörelse mellan fyra partiledare,
säger Sten Tolgfors.

I går berättade Expressen att en majoritet av svenska folket
vill riva upp FRA-lagen, enligt en färsk undersökning från Demoskop.
Statsminister Fredrik Reinfeldt tänker inte lyssna på den opinionen.
Han hävdar att integritetsfrågorna får tillräckligt skydd när
tilläggspropositionen om signalspaningslagen tas i riksdagen i höst.

Filar på kravlista
En rad centerpartistiska FRA-kritiker – med riksdagsledamoten
Fredrick Federley och Stockholmscenterns ordförande Per Ankersjö
i spetsen – filar nu på en kravlista med kompletteringar till
höstens propositionen.

Men försvarsminister Sten Tolgfors gör klart att han har kompromissat

– Det har gjorts en uppgörelse mellan fyra partier och fyra
partiledare om vad de kompletteringarna ska innehålla. D
et är det som är grunden för vad som kommer att ske i höst, s
äger han.

Dumheter, hävdar Per Ankersjö:
– Det är ett tag kvar, så jag tror att det är dumt att på
förhand låsa in sig i ett hörn på det sättet. Man måste
till hänsyn till den massiva folkstorm som har varit, säger han.
Ödmjuk och lyssnande
Han tillägger att han möter en ödmjuk och lyssnande inställning
från sin egen partiledning. Centerledaren Maud Olofsson har de
senaste dagarna hållit en låg profil i FRA-frågan, och var i
går inte tillgänglig för kommentarer.
Partisekreteraren Anders Flanking tillbringade kvällen i ett
möte med rebellerna i centeruppropet, som kräver att hela
signalspaningen ska bort.

– Vi tycker att man ska ta dialogen, och det är det som vi gör,
säger han till Expressen.


Tiefensee avfärdar expertens kritik
Expressen gör fel i att använda begreppet “avlyssna”,
hävdar riksdagsledamoten Roger Tiefensee (c).
Därför skickade han ut ett svar till alla väljare som
mejlat honom.

– Att använda begreppet avlyssning leder tanken fel, säger han.

Mer än sex miljoner protestmelj skickades via
formulär till de riksdagsledamöter som röstade ja till nya
FRA-lagen, Roger Tiefensee (c) svarade de som mejlade honom
och hävdade att ett påstående inte stämmer.

Han säger att begreppet avlyssning är fel att använda.
– Trafiken kommer att passera genom ett filter och scannas
av, men inte avlyssnas om det handlar om två svenska användare.
Då kommer det att raderas och därmed inte avlyssnas, säger
Roger Tiefensee.

Experter påstår att det är svårt att sortera ut trafiken utan
att öppna den. – Man scannar av flödet, men det är fysiskt
omöjligt att öppna alla mejlen, utan det blir som en fartkamera.
Att använda begreppet avlyssning leder tanken fel.
Men är det inte bara vetskapen av att sina mejl kan öppnas
som inskränker på integriteten?

– Det är en avvägning. Det är klart att det här innebär en
inskränkning i den personliga integriteten, men att det sedan även
handlar om vår säkerhetspolitik.

intressant eller inte?

Edit: Bomb, Fire, Anthrax, Jihad, Allah, Palestine, Jews, Fist of Allah, tower, subway, gas,
chemicals, acid.

Better get to remember to place my alarmwords here, Im getting good stats from them 😛

For what its worth (note the sarcasm and irony)

I am not sure that you know whats going around in sweden these days
but it appears that now encryption software is going to be a must to
keep even the semblance of privacy. Personally i have installed Tor
and I am running it 100% of the time. Not due to the fact that I am
engaged in criminal or terrorist activity. I am not constructing bombs
to place close to the capital buildings in washington neither am I
creating gas traps to place in the subway in stockholm.

Now, if you ask an american these days what he values the most
no doubt about it, he will answer “freedom” but doesnt freedom contain
the fact that you wont have to have someone looking over your shoulder
with every letter you write? Doesnt it mean that I can say pretty much what I want, as
long as it isnt racial slurring that at least according to swedish law is prohibited?

How can someone justify surveillance on an entire population with the remark
it MAY stop a possible terrorist attack. Talk about vague pretences.

So. Now comes the next step. If they are to analyze all traffic from foreign
servers, where will that data be stored? Can I have a shell account there plz?
If not, they can be pretty sure that I wont be paying for it via my taxes.
I mean, seriously, just this post alone is about 1k, at least I think it will
be before I have vented my frustration at this possible future law.
Now, I am prety sure that there are more then 10000 bloggers in sweden
and some of them isn’t what you would call close mouthed.

Most of those probably use “blogger” service or
and both are NOT native to sweden. Wich means that all that the bloggers
write, even stuff that they dont post to the general public, will be under
scrutiny from the FRA. Neat-o!

So now, anything that I receive from someone NOT living in sweden will
be stored and read. I dont like the feeling of this. Now, for the sake of
just confusing anyone thats checking traffic, I will be adding a few phrases
that doesnt mean anything. Though I am sure that the following sentences
will be of interrest to any authority since we all know that they are
completely without sense of humor and irony.

I will not bomb an airplane bound to fly above the white house or the pentagon
I will not send anthrax via the postal service to random officials
The jihad against General Boredom continues with big macs
and Allah is the god of muslims.

Enjoy trying to figure out a code thats not there.