Sometimes simple is better

Maybe because when you make simple things, it is couples
easy to see what your aim was. In my gallery, there
is a series called “boundless” wich I am very fond
of despite the fact that it is some of my early works.
Just a few 3d models with just the right light to make
it dramatic, and the bodies tell the story. Now, tonight
I was playing around with the same models actually,
working more with textures and in a different
software but I really like the general outcome of it.

Click the image to see the full resolution version of
the image in question.

Simple, clean, yet with a nice power of emotion, and
that simple but powerful statement made by the
image itself is something that greatly appeals to my
artistic senses. I dont aspire to be a great artist, I
dont think I ever will be, but hopefully, there is
someone out there that likes what I do enough to
appreciate the time I put into these things.

What is art. Well, the definition of art is more or less
something created to inspire reaction or emotion in
the reciprocating part. For me, this is a piece of art
because (hopefully) it wakes some emotions in the

Comments are of course, gratefully accepted.