Hear ye! The revolution cometh!

iPad, iPhone, iPad, iMac, iWeb, iLife … iDontCare! Who in the name of Gunther figured
out that “Hey….. we will take a line of products, and name them all “I-something” and
call it a revolution!” Come on, Thigs really took a turn for the worse.

Ok, I applaud apples designers but I pity their customers. Why? Well, heres
what I believe happen. Some guys saw the prototype for the iPod and figured
“Hey, lets get that thing, market it so hard so that almost everyone will get it”

Said and done. The iPhone became a household name. Now, apple more or less
managed, by dedicated, brainwashed fanboi’s and very clever marketing more or
less make the word “mp3player” into more or less another word for iPod, and on
top of that, they flooded the market with different models of a model of mp3 players.
Confused yet?

ipod Nano, Maxi, Video, Shuffle, Mini, you name it, it was all there. I am pretty sure
that you could get iPod Condom. It was also when the iPod Touch started surfacing, that
the iPhone came, wich pretty much is an iPod touch, with capabilities to make phonecalls,
so… and the oooooooh so important “app store” wich, frankly only exist to box in the
customers even more, because if i want to load an application that I myself coded,
into my own phone, wich i OWN, I still need permission from Apple, because if I
dont, I most likely cant even get the software on my phone. Way to box people in.

Now they figured out that “Heeeeeey” netbooks are cool and all, but we still havent milked
out all the dineros from the “i” concept. So, they pretty much stretch an iphone, remove
the phone capabilities and tadaaaaaaa the iPad was born. And guess what! Apple
fanboi’s are selling their own mothers to get a hand on one. I have tried all these Apple products
and frankly,  The only thing I am impressed with is the OSX, wich in terms of speed, stability and
design beats Windows hands down, but seriously, in the hardware department, stop living
on the hype and create something that is not an “i” derivative and something that does not have a
3 letter tail attached to it…… unless its iTox, the software that shows you what Apple is
doing to your brain.

Blogs and web

Why do I blog?

Why am I so fascinated with various
IT topics? Well. My guess is that really
that it’s a will to learn new things really.

I am not a coder by any stretch of
imagination, I do however enjoy design
a lot, and to see something completed
is a marvel. However, a blog is never
completed, is it? I mean, I use it to vent
my frustration, sorrows and bad times
aswell as share my good times and findings.

I also do it because I like to see things
evolve. My blog is sort of a child to me. I can see it grow, and every thing I
do adds up to a whole that can make people reflect. The more people think for
themselves, the happier I am.

So, why using a blog as a medium for venting thoughts? Well, there are a
multitude of reasons. First off theres the technical parts. It is a lot easier
to update a blog then it is to update a static website and of course, there are
easier to pass the words around using different ping services. Second, well,
I really enjoy writing.  So much that I have thought about writing a book,
but lets face it. Who would want to read a book that I wrote?

Third, well, I could shout from the rooftops instead about how I see the world
but that could generate in either three or all three things:
1: I get taken for a loon and hauled to the asylum.
2: I fall down from the roof.
3. I generate a crowd that wants me to jump.

so, there you have it. It is a lot more complex then that, but
this will suffice til I have a better reason.

WordPress themes

I have got a very flattering question recently. “Where did you find that theme that you are using?”
Well, frankly I didn’t. I created it. And that question alone is really important to me as I try to
create things that pleases my eye aswell as readers eyes, and to have someone think that a
professional made my theme, well, it is really heartwarming. So, I figured id make a few of my
own themes available to the public. Here are the latest four I made for myself. If you like them
and use them, leave a comment so I can read your blog.

First up, BlueMoon and Blueeyes:

And here comes Galaxy and Troll: