The Future Geek

DavidI am not sure if I am supposed
to be proud, or disturbed.

My son shows all signs of
becoming a future techie.
A.K.A “Geek”

I mean. just look at this image.
this is where he found my PS2.

Anyhow, for a while now we have just discarded his grasping for remotes and his
pushing of various blinking
buttons to the standard baby
curiosity. All well and fine. but
I have one of those chassis
that require you to press AND
hold the powerbutton for it to
shut down. Well, the first version of this post is floating around the voidweb somewhere
because he has now managed to figure out that if he holds the button on the computer in
long enough, the lights within
the chassis goes black.

Then we have the fact that he absolutely adores remote controls. He has a little
collection of them already. One from the brand Sagem. A french company, one
Samsung and one Centrum. The centrum is actually an exact version of the
one that we use for the television set. Now, HIS centrum remote isnt HALF
as fun as the one that flips the channels. Well. He just turned 1 and its going
downhill fast.

Yesterday was his first birthday (unless you count the one where he made a
mess coming out of his mother of course) And now his room has gone from
tidy to looking like someone threw a handgrenade inside and closed the door
Heres a little view:

Not so neat now heh grandma?