Tech Support at its finest.

Well, tech support is fun at times, and at other times it really is a major pain
in the rear end. However, at the end of the day you have a certain feeling of
satisfaction. You know that you have perfomed a job that is needed by the
majority of the population. You may not know everything about cooking, fixing
cars or even taking care of the elderly, but by god you know how to deal with
peoples tech related issues.

What most people fail to understand that helping them is a strain on you, and that
thin thread that keeps you sane keeps getting thinner and thinner, and sooner or later
you either resign to the idea that you will be doing this forever and start to enjoy
it, or you turn into a bitter, cynical individiual that has lost his faith in the intelligence
of humankind.

But what happens when all those things collide? That you like your job, you have your
abilities but you still appear to be that cynic that smiles to the caller, but inwardly
you despise every fiber of the person on the other end of the phone.

Hopefully I wont become too bitter and cynic, because frankly, I like helping people
even though there are some people that really doesn’t want the help you can offer,
but instead are calling in to vent their frustration at their own ineptitude on to you.
But, to all you tech support people that are out there, I raise my hat to you, and nod
in recognition of your efforts.

Here is todays laugh: