Do you know who this is?

Camilla LindbergThis my friends is a new fav of
mine. Her name is
Camilla Lindberg
And she was one of those
who voted No on the FRA
proposal. Sadly, the scores
to the right of her tells us
a story of defeat for the personal integrity and a victory
for the swedish government to
snoop around in our private mails that goes abroad, all chat connections
that isnt within sweden (and to be honest, that would be NONE since I dont know
of a swedish IM client) and they will store that data. Now, lets see how long
it takes for the FRA to get hacked and get information leaked out to the general
public. My hope is that it is VERY soon so that they understand that they will
be having a ticking bomb in their hands. Also, I am actually considering to
apply for political asylum in another nation such as Norway on the fact
that the government is “having me under constant surveillance despite
the fact that I havent done anything criminal and this is causing me severe
mental problems related to stress, wich may turn into psychosomatic health

Do you think thats doable?

Anyhow, this Camilla Lindberg, although being from the right wing and I am not
has earned my respect. She went against the flow of her own party and voted
from her heart, every single flower and every single thank-you mail she has
got, she definetly deserves. My hat is off for you Camilla, and for the rest of you
that voted yes on the bill, I sincerely and utterly hope that all your personal
surfing habits, how dirty they may be, and your cyberaffairs gets to be public
knowledge soon.