Lazy Fingers

I know that most people doesn’t have that itch to write like some of us who has blogs for the sheer joy
of writing, but I see that people visit this place on more or less a daily basis and really, is it so hard
to write a comment that you like what you read, or input your thoughts on the matter that I am currently
writing about. I can see that some posts have had quite a lot of reading, but not a single little comment.
Why is that?

Is it the fact that there is a captcha? Sorry people, but seeing the amount of spam that this blog gets,
its either that or drown in spam comments and frankly, how good would that look when I dont have
the energy to sift through all the spam to post comments?

I really enjoy input. Both negative and positive and really, as long as the comment has something to
add, I dont care if it rails against how wrong I may be because they add another view in the matter
and can therefore be valuable in its own right. I dont believe in censorship, never have, and I wont
implement it just to dodge a comment that isn’t agreeing with me.

So please, when I am in the wrong, start a discussion about it. I am not that narrow minded to say
that I can’t be wrong. Or, when I am right, tell me about that so that I can keep on going.
I write for my own pleasure, but also for your entertainment.

Well this seems to work

It took some fiddling, but i got moBlog to work. from what i see, the only real limitation is windows mobiles crappy excuse for a keyboard. touchscreen is ok but when the keyboard doesnt show wich key you are tapping, you are bound to make mistakes. any tips on software keyboard for win mobile 6.1 will be greatly appreciated

Blogging and the blog death

Lets face it, blogging is a fashion thing. Not as in everyone who blogs do so about fashion, but rather
everyone more or less has to have one to be with the “in” crowd and have a slight chance of getting
some recognition. Now, there are thousands of blogs created each day. Literally. And of those,
maybe 10 survive the 5 first posts because people dont have the energy to write, or dont know
of what to write. This has 2 effects. The web gets more and more “dead” pages that doesn’t get updated
content and it gets harder and harder to get those gold nugget sites that keeps you coming back.

Now, I do know that I have some recurring visitors from various places of the world and
frankly, I am grateful for it. I dont feel that I write because I want recognition, I write to
share my thoughts on various topics and maybe get some good suggestions sent back to me
on those said topics, or to just push my opinion out for people to view. Is that something that is

Now though, companies have started to regard personal blogs as somewhat of a threat. If someone
is writing negative comments about the company that they work for, they risk getting fired from
that company. Now, that in itself, is  something that I dont support by any stretch of imagination
but apparently freedom of speech is not something that is covering blogs. Now, I would like
to interject something here. If someone lets out work secrets such as upcoming campaigns or a fusion
with another company like that, of course  you should get the sack, but telling about the work
environment, or bosses who dont know jack about things without mentioning their names, now that
is a whole different story.

But a lot of companies that has employees, unfortunatly have rotten HR politics, and seeing that the
economy is what is is, as well as the job market, well, it is really the employers choice and you
as an employee may not have much say in the matter. I know that I have a union rep that I could
talk to, but they are pretty much powerless in everything but a sexual harassment case and this
does not qualify as such, wouldn’t you agree?

So, all in all, we are hampered by our bosses by telling us “you cant talk negative about the company”
and we are hampered by the state as they tell us “you need constant surveillance, because you might be
a criminal” and we are hampered by ourselves, in not being abe to oppose this.

Lets rock this globe.

How to loose ones fingernails

As you know, I have been having problems with my larynxes for quite a while
now and it has really put a damper in my spirits, but I haven’t shut my light
out completely yet.

About a week ago, I saw an add for a job as copywriter and techical blogger.
Well, I looked into the add and saw that this might be something for me, seeing
as I have a technical background and I do blog a lot and I have tried different
blogging platforms just to see wich appealed to me.

It appears that the software that they use are WordPress, blog
and seeing as this blog itself is run on a linux server
and it is, in fact a wordpress blog, I can easily say
that I have some experience with the interface.

Add to it that I set up wordpress blogs for people
for free just for the fun of it, and it to read other
peoples views on things in general, I think I may be

Another little twist in the add was that since the
blog that this new employee will write on is aimed
towards English readers, the applicant needs a very
firm grip on the English language, both in written form
and in spoken form, and seeing how this blog looks,
I would say I am still in the running for the job.

However, I hate waiting, but that is really all I can do
at the moment. Wait until someone contacts me
regarding this job, with either questions, or if they
want me to take a writing test to discern how good my
English really is, or, if I, like many, are stuck using
translators for the long and technical words.
Well, I really hope that I am up to par, because I think
I might be a good team player for these guys.

The MP sounds like a very nice guy and well, since I only
have a voice impression of him, all I can say is that he
sounds like the guy I would like to have as a boss.

But, now its time to chew the nails some more and
hope I get contacted soon, and lets hope that the
contact is as positive as the short telephone calls I
had with the MP

Blogger fired for blogging on his free time

Lets talk a little about consequences.

The blogosphere has every once in a while been put
into an uproar by a blogger getting fired from his
work do to his or her writings on a blog. Ok, we all
have a freedom of speech, we can agree on that. But
what is acceptable? Take this for instance. I am writing
this in a notepad in between calls because nothing is
happening, I am not taking any bandwidth from the
company i work for until I am mailing this to myself
and posting it from home. I am not being effective,
I will admit to that, but I am keeping myself alert
by this monologue. Does this warrant me getting
fired? I say no to that one.

However, very recently a co-worker got fired for.. you
guessed it. Blogging. Hold your horses. It is not
unjustified this time. This is highly unlike me, but
I will in this case actually defend the company in question.
Let me start from the beginning.

Today the buzz at work was that one of the co-workers
was fired due to his blog. Well, to be honest I felt
the classical rage and felt the bile rise, until I,
as I usually do, started to ask around to get to the
core of the matter. One said thus, and one said so.
Long story short. I dont have the official story
or everything on it, but I have the gist of it,
and heres what the buzz is all about.

It appears that this person wrote, ON HIS BLOG,
sensitive corporate information that wasn’t even
close to official yet.

Now, I dont know what you think, but personally
that shows a disloyalty to the company and it also
is a violation of trust for the clients. So I say
it again. He shouldnt have gone out with the information
and the company was in its right to fire him because
he outed sensitive information that may or may not
have damaged the company and its reputation and
certainly have damaged the reputation of the clients.

Now, I am firm in my belief that the company I work for
isnt using my potential neither my technical knowledge
to the extent I would like, but thats beside the point.
I work for this company and when bought, I stay bought, so
to speak.

Ok, they may not have the need for an sqladmin, neither
a webdesigner or a linux user manager or pherhaps
a pretty good allround tech when it comes to computers
or digital tv, but still, I dont feel that gives me
the right to reveal clients strategies and actions.

Was the layoff justified, I think so. Whats your take?