Here we go again!

I think you may have noticed the blog being down for a while, well, unfortunaly, my serverprovider
managed to get tons of hardware burned out and the as… wait a minute.. thats me!

Seriously though what happened was that I was working on something from work, and suddenly the machine
started getting more and more sluggish and I figured something was up but couldnt pinpoint it straight off.
I had Linda reboot the machine and it came to the loading screen and there it froze. We tried a few times
more when she said, and I quote: “It sounds a lot less and smell burnt”! So naturally I told her to shut it off.

I came home and started scrounging up every spare piece of hardware I could lay my hands on and changed
pretty much everything in the damn chassi but it refused to boot, so today I went and fetched another little
heap and moved over the discs and voila .. case closed, server online.

Lets hope this thing holds the same time that the old one.. 3 years on 500 SEK aint bad.

Blogs and web

Why do I blog?

Why am I so fascinated with various
IT topics? Well. My guess is that really
that it’s a will to learn new things really.

I am not a coder by any stretch of
imagination, I do however enjoy design
a lot, and to see something completed
is a marvel. However, a blog is never
completed, is it? I mean, I use it to vent
my frustration, sorrows and bad times
aswell as share my good times and findings.

I also do it because I like to see things
evolve. My blog is sort of a child to me. I can see it grow, and every thing I
do adds up to a whole that can make people reflect. The more people think for
themselves, the happier I am.

So, why using a blog as a medium for venting thoughts? Well, there are a
multitude of reasons. First off theres the technical parts. It is a lot easier
to update a blog then it is to update a static website and of course, there are
easier to pass the words around using different ping services. Second, well,
I really enjoy writing.  So much that I have thought about writing a book,
but lets face it. Who would want to read a book that I wrote?

Third, well, I could shout from the rooftops instead about how I see the world
but that could generate in either three or all three things:
1: I get taken for a loon and hauled to the asylum.
2: I fall down from the roof.
3. I generate a crowd that wants me to jump.

so, there you have it. It is a lot more complex then that, but
this will suffice til I have a better reason.

Blog systems

So, you want to blog huh? What do you need to know? Well, there are all those
standard responses about your content, butnot that many go into detail about
the different systems and hosts that you have available. Do a search for “free blog”
and you get up a veritable ocean of services that offers you access to “your very
own weblog/blog” But is it really “your own”. I have to say no to that one.
You can change the look and feel to an extent, but really, you cant upload new
templates to most, and neither can you do much regarding images and music.

So. What do I prefer? Well, I have tried blogger and blogspot, and well, they are good
no doubt about it, but I want to be able to customize it more, not just poking about
with standard templates. I want to be able to go to sites that offers templates and
see what would be just right for me and then upload it to my very own site.
How does one go about doing such a thing? Well, there are a few ways really.
You can A: get your own webhotel and upload to that one.
B: Set up your very own webhost and host it there.
C: ask someone who has a webserver and a little knowhow to set up a blog
for you.

I have tried a few and the one that suits _my_ needs best, is WordPress.
Wordpress is a php based blogging system that never seems to amaze me.
One day you can find some very nice themes, the next you see a plug in
that simply rocks. hosts the sourcecode if you want to download that, and is actually a host for wordpress blogs. Albeit not as
“free” as the source code, you still have a lot of options to play about with.

Also, If you are a kind person that just wants to write and experiment
well, I could host one for you. Even if you dont have the tech knowhow
I could help you set one up and even create a custom theme for your
blog so its a “one of a kind” as i did with Zombified.

Oh well .. time to get back into the real world.