When you get nothing at all

Sometimes you wish that time was a little more on your side and you didnt have to work to
the extent that is generally the consensus of the general populace. I think that a 32 hour
day would suit me better, but that would also require that the work hours stay the same
as I really would need to adjust my daytime to exist of more then work, kids and sleep but
alas that will never happen. I guess I am stuck in this Loop for a while but hey, as long as
I can handle it, I will keep struggling with it.

It has been an interresting week to say the least with at least two deaths occuring
of people that will be missed throughout the world. One, I have already written about,
Mr Ronnie James Dio. The small man with the massive voice but the other is
not so known, although a lot of people has actually seen his work. I am talking
about the painter Frank Frazzetta wich has made a whole heap of fantasy book covers,
among a few are the character named Elric aswell as one of the black riders for the DnD books
and I cant for the life of me remember wich one. So guys, here’s your toast and your
dirge all baked into one. Rock On!

Found some old

goodies laying around on a drive and I figured, hey .. I havent played around
with these babies for a while. This is the result:

To be quite honest, I made another version first but I didnt feel that
it was up to my standards, or, if it wasnt my taste, I am not sure,
all I know is this one, I like.

Sometimes simple is better

Maybe because when you make simple things, it is couples
easy to see what your aim was. In my gallery, there
is a series called “boundless” wich I am very fond
of despite the fact that it is some of my early works.
Just a few 3d models with just the right light to make
it dramatic, and the bodies tell the story. Now, tonight
I was playing around with the same models actually,
working more with textures and in a different
software but I really like the general outcome of it.

Click the image to see the full resolution version of
the image in question.

Simple, clean, yet with a nice power of emotion, and
that simple but powerful statement made by the
image itself is something that greatly appeals to my
artistic senses. I dont aspire to be a great artist, I
dont think I ever will be, but hopefully, there is
someone out there that likes what I do enough to
appreciate the time I put into these things.

What is art. Well, the definition of art is more or less
something created to inspire reaction or emotion in
the reciprocating part. For me, this is a piece of art
because (hopefully) it wakes some emotions in the

Comments are of course, gratefully accepted.


Creativity. Such a nice word, and very useable too. But what is it? And where
does it come from? Why do some people have it, when others obviously dont?

Well, to be honest, I think that we all have the same amount on creativity to start out
with, but later in life, our social circuit, upbringing and schooling alters it. Some learn
to remake creativity into logic and intuition while others learns how to put it into
notes and drawings.

Speaking of drawings, yesterday, when my girlfriend was having a much deserved nap
on the couch, I was a little bored and started dabbling with colors as I usually do,
and here is the result. Feel free to leave a comment. And to all you spammers, no
I _STILL_ dont buy prescription drugs or pretty much anything else you continue to
offer me.