Yay, i KNEW it. I knew it was gonna happen, but really, Swedish authorities have a history of not thinking
clearly, and ordering things that are totally off the wall, and sometimes outright dangerous and lifethreatening.
This time, it is the latter.

In sweden, we have summer and winter tires, no real big surprise there. We used to have the law to require you
to change to your summer tires as of the first of may at the latest, you could change from the 1st of april.
Now some moron thought “Hmmmm, I think there are too many people living in Sweden, so I will make
sure a few of them dies, and I will make it all look like accidents, and noone will ever sentence me for it,
because I am a part of the government organization.” So, this smart ass, changed the date at wich by law
you are required to have your summer tires, to the 15th of april, and added the little safety for himself
by adding “if there is winter conditions on the road you can keep the winter tires on”


From the 12th of April, to the 22th of April, there has been warm, sunny weather, so, naturally everyone
has changed to summer tires, because if not, after the 15th you get a hefty fine if you have the winter tires still on.
today, its the 22 of april, and theres 4 cm of snow outside. So, I am expecting to hear traffic reports on
accidents a plenty today because people followed the governments rules, and will now die for it.

You know what the best part is? The government will forget this in a week, and keep the dates, so each year,
people will get killed, needlessly because the government has stuck its head up their collective ass and figured
that since “there are never snow in Stockholm the 15th of April, that is also true for the rest of the country”
Well kick my balls til they are green and call me Shirley! Up in nothern Sweden, there are still towns who have
half a meter of snow, but since they have KNOWN winter conditions, they can keep their winter tires, but us who
live in between…. We are sentanced to either, A: a nice, fat fine or a nice fat accident.

Well, thank you for them fishes!