It appears that the French government has pulled something out of the blue
that really, really is cause for a second french revolution. At least in my book.

Here is the article:

Hear me out here BEFORE you decide to bomb the comment block.
Filesharing is a pretty hot topic right now and has for some reason, become
a synonym with software and art piracy. Now, I am not really sure but
isn’t pretty much EVERYTHING on the internet filesharing? I mean,
you are reading this blog, that means you are downloading index.php
header.php, footer.php, bgbody.jpg and whatnot. So, what is said that
after 2 warnings, french filesharers will be disconnected from the net.

Now, Sweden is bad. I mean, really bad. We have private little armies
sifting through our fibres for any trace of illegal activity like filesharing
and then we have the government on TOP of that to listen in the cables
for possible occurance of terrorism. Oh, this reminds me, you dont have
to read the next 2 rows. Its just to piss people off.

Jihad, Allah, God, Sarine, VX, Gas, C4, Dynamite, Nitroglycerine, firing pin,
grenade, For the people, Revolution, Assassinate, Holy War, Arms shipment.

Sorry bout that. Just had to alert the authorities. I get such nice server logs
when I do that 😛

Ok, back to the french conundrum. Who will the french have decide what is
illegal filesharing? The french eqvivalent to RIAA? Oh yeaaaaah! that will be
great. 96 year old man who lives on yogurt alone and has been too spastic
to even write his name on a check will get warned twice for sharing the
latest of Insane Clown Posse and Blacknuss Allstars. Come on. Dont you
have better things to waste time on?

I am not gonna bring up the classic “you have bigger crimes to fish for” because
it really isnt doing any good. What I WILL bring up is that its really really REALLY
about time that we threw the companies out of the politics. If they are going
to continue their slaughter on free speech, free will and free thinking, sooner
or later George Orwell’s 1984 will become more of a reality then it already is.

I am saying more of a reality because in effect, Big Brother IS watching us
all already, registering our keystrokes, what websites we read and I wouldnt
be surprised if our sexual preferrences where the case for a lot of  laughs
in the secret archives. But if companies that wants to supress technology
and evolution keep buying politics like Sarkozy, Soon we wont be able
to bend over because when we do, someone will shove a microscope
up our rear end to see if we have eaten anything that was not grown
by GrainFarm(tm) because if we did, we are to be summarily executed.

Come on. Get real. Go outside, Sniff some fresh air.
Go lie down on a lawn somewhere for an hour and just watch
the sky. It is beautiful, and for a a little longer at least, copyright free.