AGAIN my bicycle has been stolen, wich causes a slight conundrum.
The problem being, getting the kids to kindergarten seeing as our car is in the shop, but we can solve it
by having my lady take the bus to work and ill use her bicycle.

However, it irks me tremendously that people really dont think about the consequences of their actions
towards their fellow man. Ok, its a bicycle, its not the entire world right?

But what if I am really dependant of that bicycle to puzzle up my life and my transportation?
Do you really care? Probably not, because if you did, you probably wouldnt have stolen the bike in the first

So, what causes someone to steal a locked bike? It couldnt have been desperation, because then this
someone would have looked for an unlocked bike. The lock wasn’t cut in place, seeing as there are no
parts of it around, so my guess is that they lead the bike away and then cut the lock. So desperation is
out of the question.

That leads to someone WANTING the bike. But why? It wasnt one of those high end ones that costs
a fortune, rather it was pretty much a low end one that suited my purpose. So, I am proably not very far
off in guessing that whoever took it, took it because it was the one you could take with the least amount
of sound.

The one who stole it will most likely ever read this, I am pretty sure that this person doesnt sit around
reading blogs, but hey: Think your actions through each time and what the consequences of them could
be, both for yourself and for your fellow man and ask yourself, are you OK with that?

I would dare to say that you would feel better about yourself at the end of the day.