I have been listening to a lot of music again lately, I guess it comes and goes in waves really
but what realy strikes me is that the majority of the music I listen to have a few years on the
disc envelope and that lead me to a conclusion. I really think that the newer music is crap. What
I feel is good is hardly something that the kids of today would enjoy, at least not the vast majority.

Realizing that, I figured i could go all out and just look up some of the songs that I that I havent
heard for a few years and frankly, they have only gotten better with the age and compared to
all the crap you hear these days, it was an evening of pure eargasm.

Aerosmith, Scorpions, Alice Cooper,  Queen, Genesis… they where all there keeping me company
while I fiddled with pretty much nothing at all.

Oh well … now its time for todays last latte and then some sleep so I can manage work tomorrow.