Antipiracy = terrorism?

Antipiracy = terrorism?

The torrenttracker/site swebits is down. Most of you who tend to use this site has most likely noticed
the nice sign at the door regarding first, a DDoS attack and then faulty hardware in servers abroad
wich makes it a little harder to fix.
Heres a swedish article about it:

And just like the terror organisations in middle east, out comes Henrik Ponte’n and claims responsability.
To me, its a little similar to the movie “Life of brian” and the different
liberations groups that’s there and that they all take responsability
for the actions perpetrated.

Nowhere was there any “proof” that anti piracy firms are involved in this
and despite this, Henrik alledges that “The owner of the site has gotten
nervousdue to resent events” Now, correct me if I am wrong, but
wouldn’t the correct time to be nervous be around the time of the
#spectrial where Henrik so prominently figured?

I can understand that this man is a mouthpiece and it is his job to be,
but seriously somewhere, someone will have to draw the line.

Now, Henrik, I ask you: Has anyone on the swebits team been arrested,
that was actually on that team, or simply some poor sap with the hardware
to be a good seeder?

Has there been a seizure of the actual server hardware? and the million
dollar question: Have your “team” filed a claim against Google yet?

Of course there is propaganda involved in this. Do not be mistake, this is a kind of war that is being fought online, between filesharing activists and monetary interrests and unfortunatly, the casualties in this war is freedom of speech and personal integrity.

Personal integrity has already been locked up in a dungeon and has been severly beaten, to the point
of actually be in a coma and needing life support, but sofar, freedom of speech has managed relatively
unscathed… unless you count a few anal gangrapes…

Controlfreaks with power

Controlfreaks with power

So, I guess that you have noticed the changes that takes place on all the services that enables you to stream media from their sites. I am talking about Spotify, Youtube and similar services that used to be great, but is in the range of “OK” services.

Why has it lowered itself in my opinions? Well, censorship naturally.
How often havent you made a list on youtube that you liked with various clips and after a few days, this list has been totally cut asunder due to the fact that you live in a region where this clip is not allowed to be shown?

You would think that the exposure that the artist and companies gets via the Youtube movie might be worth something, after all, its free PR, but no, apparently we are to be controlled as to what we are allowed to see. On top of that, there are services that are not even dependant on uploading from users, such as spotify, where lists get thrown off just because this month, this tune is removed and so on and so forth. What the hell? After all, spotify is actually a legit service and in a large part RUN by the same record companies that owns the copyright to this particular song.

Now, I can understand some of it, as in if people upload entire episodes of TV shows, or entire movies, but
what the hell? Removing things for the sake of being able to? Isn’t that really just another form of abuse?
There is a fair use policy, and I can understand that part aswell, where you only use parts of a song or
stuff like that, but let me give you a very good example.

There is a pretty popular oriental kids show, probably japanese but I am not sure, called “Pythagoras Switch”
They made their own little hit with The logical march, you can google it if you wish, and a friend of mine, Physica
together with one of his friends, made a complete remix of the logical march into a techno thing, and uploaded
it to youtube. Basically the video was cut to shreds, audio transformed and the original credits was still intact
BUT it still got removed. Why? Because they could.

There needs to be a change in how copyright is upheld and how it is to be maintained and soon.
Pirate parties are springing up in several nations and that alone should tell the companies that
people are getting sick and tired of being run over for the sake of profit when it comes to creativity.

Just my thoughts.

The force be with you may

The force be with you may

Katie Goldman is a different little girl, in fact, so different that I in some ways
envy her.

Katie Goldman


She has her starwars motifed water bottle to school, have a starwars backpack,
and some anonymous boy tries to taunt her for it claiming its a bottle for boys, not little
10 year old girls. Now first off, to Katie I want to say this: Stand up for your right
to be an individual. Keep being someone who stands out of a crowd because that
will get you further in life then just being one in a crowd that looks like another
cookie cutter figure. To the little boy who tried to bully her regarding the water bottle
I want to say this: I know you are jealous of Katies waterbottle, but why not ask
Katie where her mother bought hers so you can get one just the same and
you both can be cool starwars fans together?

Oups, sidetracked there. Back on track.
It seems that this incident more or less made it to the huffington post, one of the most
read blogs online, if not the most read, and was written about there and the response
was quite overwhelming. Thousands of starwars geeks wrote on a facebook page that
in homage of Katie, they would wear starwars clothes and many of them even posted
pictures online, like this one:

This one was sent by @soozenw’

I am guessing its his/her kid and I must say I love it.

Anyhow, it seems that more then 33000 people took an interrest in little Katie’s plight and
I am one of them. Katie, the best of luck from a fellow starwars geek and i must say, the force is
strong in this one.

Katie’s mom asked “is this how it starts?”

Well Carrie, that depends on what “it” is. It could have been the start of a downward spiral, however,
“it” turned out to be a flood of well wishings and support to a little star wars fan, who suddenly got
33000 supporters that wants nothing more then show your little girl


Well, as you may have noticed this one has been very stagnant for a while. The reason for this is a secondary blog that I am working on wich mainly consist of guides, tips and tricks regarding technical matters ranging from simple things as digital TV to IPV6.

The blog itself can be found here:
It is a corroboration of several of my colleagues and is written in swedish, wich for me is quite the change seeing as I mainly
write in english, albeit bad english, but still.

So, now I am back at working on this one, and
I have to say that it’s a sweet pleasure to be
in a site where I feel I dont have to take the same caution regarding SEO and similar just
because I really dont care for the ranking
on this page. The readers I have will keep reading and never mind if I am on the first place on a google search or not.

However, this site will have quite a bit of overhauling before it is complete but I feel
that I have made good progress sofar.
What do you think?

Good question

Good question

But the answer is PROFIT and GREED. What was the question? Take a look at this one:

Very often you hear that the price for CDs are high due to shipping, ARTWORK! casing, actual cost
of discs etc etc. But here, you have the exact same price, for one with the above mentioned, and
one without!

Would you go to the pastry shop and by two cakes, exactly the same on the inside, but one does
not have any glacing what so ever, and you still pay the same, full price for it? Does that make sense?

Seriously now! Give me a way to generate a revenue stream to the ARTISTS that I wish to
support without going through greedy companies that thing censorship is the best thing
ever since sliced bread and I will do so. Flattr is one way i guess.

What’s up with the giant?

What’s up with the giant?

Well, it appears that facebook is down, however it seems that every site checker that I check tells
me that its up, even a speedtest through Pingdom “” shows me that it’s
online and operational. This was weird really, but how can that be? Well, they could be hammered
by a ddos attack and closed countries IP, however, I cant really see the status of that, another might
be a faulty DNS somewhere along they way. Whatever reason, I would like to know seeing as I can
harass people online without it. Take care now



Kom igen nu, klart man vill vinna en bil, men det är dags för slutspurten nu! Vinn en bil, en iPad eller en Laptop. Gör en schysst reklamfilm för Loopia och priset kan bli ditt!

Vem vill inte få en ny bil?

Så, ni Demonregissörer som sitter hemma och gnäller på Polanski,
Bergman med flera, visa vad ni har i bakfickan och ge en bra match!

Regler och info finns på

Bidrag kan ses på Youtube samt Loopia’s egen blogg

… vad nu? Svenska igen

… vad nu? Svenska igen

Intressant politisk diskussion.
Jag håller mig visserligen inte till de
normala “blocken” men vissa
personer kanske bör överväga att A:
tänka igenom sina åsikter innan man
skriver eller B: sluta att skriva saker
utan att våga stå för dessa.

Tyvärr ger en politiskt inriktad blogg
en ganska stark reaktion.Jag misstänker
att detta beror på nätets illusion av
anonymitet som tyvärr går åt båda hållen.

Jag håller inte riktigt med dig partipolitiskt men jag kan hålla med om att dom
som har det sämst på samhällsstegen har fått det sämre och de klyftor som fanns
redan innan alliansen började sitt styre har växt. Jag ser dock väldigt ofta
folk som utnyttjar systemet med socialbidrag och liknande och tycker själv att
den saken är vidrig.

Nej vi ska inte torka de som inte arbetar i arslet som det så vackert skrivs, men ska
vi verkligen stampa på dom som ligger i stället?

Vi har haft en social standard som har varit rätt hög, vi har trots allt sjukvård, skola
med mera som har gått på skatterna, men dessa har fått mindre och mindre pengar gentemot
vad som behövs. Skolan behöver skatter. Skolan behöver mer material, fler behöriga lärare
och framförallt aktuellt material så att utbildningen kan göras mer aktuell.

Utan behöriga pedagoger och lärare sjunker skolan allt mer ner under ytan och blir en
förvaringsplats för yngre och det verkar som om yngre mer och mer tappar insikten
om att kunskap behövs.

Att försäkra ut personer som inte hittar jobb, tja, vad tjänar det till förutom att
tvinga de som inte _kan_ jobba att försöka slita ut sig i förtid. Det enda positiva
är att man får ut en del iglar på köpet. Men, dom som antingen är för sjuka eller
helt enkelt inte är attraktiva på arbetsmarknaden, vad gör vi med dom?

Självklart kan man utbilda sig, men för att göra det krävs det flera saker.
Det krävs tid, det krävs pengar och det krävs ork. Om man är sjuk har man troligen
inte den orken till att hålla den studietakt som en normal utbildning har idag.
Har man dessutom små barn så går mesta tiden åt till dessa vilket tär ännu mera.

Så, vad göra?

Möjligen att ändra bidragsformerna och reglerna för sjuk samt A kassa?
Tja, möjligen.

Min personliga åsikt är att för sjukkassan ska personens EGNA läkare kontaktas så att
dessa får ett utökat ansvar mot både stat och klient istället för att en bedömning ska
göras utifrån ett papper som kanske inte har all information om patientens hälsa.

Jag fick lära mig när jag gick omvårdnad att empati var en av dom viktigaste egenskaperna
i vården men hur kan man få en känsla för en persons tillstånd om man aldrig träffat
personen? Vill man neka sjukpenning kan man då konsultera en annan läkare som BÖR
träffa personen för att kunna ge en helhetsbild.

Vill man utbilda sig ska man givetvis ha möjlighet till det, men även där krävs
insatser från samhället. Listan kan göras hur lång som helst men jag stannar innan
jag snöar in mig totalt.

Varför inte ha bidrag mot prestation. Inte som det är nu, “visa intyg på sökt jobb så får
du pengar” utan snarare “Ok, du har kommit in på en utbildning, vi hjälper till så
att barnomsorg finnes, och ser till att ni har råd med mat, hyra med mera”

Idag har vi det till en stor del, men vi har inte den typ av kontroll som skulle
behövas för att förhindra bidragssnyltarna dvs dom som tar bidrag utan att ha en
anledning. Jag tror att de flesta som idag går på någon form av bidrag hellre
skulle försörja sig själva men av någon anledning inte kan. Varför inte
ha hjälp till självhjälp men med mera kontroll?

Think longer then until tomorrow.

Think longer then until tomorrow.

Maud Olofsson, the leader for the swedish center party had an idea that either
is A: completely out of sorts with what will eventually happen, or, have not
thought of the consequences whatsoever.

The idea is that all men who are convicted with spousal abuse and gets a restraining
order will also wear a digital tracker device of the same type as you give people convicted
but allowed to serve their sentancemat home. The article can be found here:

Now, the thought of the matter is that as it is now, the women who are abused
gets a little restricted since broken restraining orders are a common think for
the swedish police, and a thought regarding this is laudable and commendable,
but… wait a minute, After an EVENTUAL sentance, what then? Shall we continue
to treat the men that albeit being scum, have served a sentance and in effect
“paid their debt to society”?

Wouldn’t that undermine the system of these electronic trackers in themselves since a lot
of people will be convicts without a sentance? How many of them will report that they are
being unfairly treated as criminals AFTER served time and without “just cause”?

Now, lets take a second to clarify here. I do not condone spousal abuse in any form and my
personal conviction and believe is that men who beat women and children are weak
individuals with a lack of impuls control and morals that makes them too low on the scale
to even pity HOWEVER they do have a right to be treated like every other person in the society
when not proven guilty or after served time. I know that this is a repeat behaviour, but still.

Wouldn’t it be better if we GAVE these abused women a counter part to this tracker that really
only starts tracking as soon as a button is pressed,  lets say put it on the side of a purse, and
when pressed this does the following:

Sends an instant alarm to the police with exact coordinates. After this is done, emit a blaring
sound signal that makes people aware that something untoward is going on, aswell as educate
the population in this particular signal and what that means so that the general public can help?

Not everyone has the civil courage to do so, but there are some of us who would. You cant
enforce civil courage with laws, but you can encourage it.

Oh, come on already. You gotta be kidding!

Oh, come on already. You gotta be kidding!

According to CopySweden, Home burned CDs are at a new low and they
are looking to generate income from other storagemedi…..

We already pay unknown people to be able to store our vacation photos
and whatnot just for the sake of the “Possibility to use to store copywrited
material” and we also get flooded with the latest commercials when
listening to music on the radio. Now they want to add the SAME PENALTY
ON MEMORYCARDS?!? They have got to be joking but alas, I am pretty
damned sure they are not.

Seriously, just because YOU CAN doesnt mean YOU WILL!
I have the equipment to rape hundreds of women every year, aswell
as with my bare hands strangling and beating people to pulps but
does that mean I should serve a preemptive lifetime sentance in
jail, or better yet, seeing as you could count it into possible
thousands of victims, be dragged to the tribunal in Haag
and condemned to death for crimes against the human race
just because I HAVE THE ABILITY TO?

We already pay a license to HAVE a TV, regardless if we watch it or not
or, even if we only have it plugged in to the TV to have that GLORIOUS
image when playing games, but hey … we have to pay for 2 channels that
hasn’t produced anything viewable since the late 70’s when Lennart Hyland
went into retirement aint that good for something?

Either way I turn, there crops up new fees for this and that, I am sure that
pretty soon there will be an “arm bending tax” wich will be calculated on
how many times you lift your arm to speak into your mobile phone, and a hefty
fee will be added to the bluetooth headsets because they make it possible to
circumvent the tax laws. Hows that for a treat?

So in essence, if you can store ANY data on a device, you will, in the future
have to pay a fee for the filesharers that potentially may use this device
to store copywrighted material. Just so you know, in theory, you could store
information in a standard digital wristwatch…….

Wich means, anything that has any form of storage, as long as you in one
way or another, will be getting this new fee… lets hope pacemakers doesnt
have any chips that you can access.

Melancholy central

Melancholy central

I wish I knew what was up but for some reason today I have a melancholy day and I feel like
maudlin and just sitting by myself and sort through all the ideas and statements that has managed
to form inside my head, but alas, I cant seem to understand why nor can I banish the feelings.
I think I need to vent some more, but to be honest, I dont know how and I guess that I will
have to let music suffice. Heres the mood of the day:

Dia Psalma – Det döende barnet.

Moder, jag är trött, nu vill jag sova
blott jag vid ditt hjärta slumra får
gråt dock ej, det skall du först mig lova
ty på kinden bränner het din tår

Här är kallt och ute stormen tjuter
men i drömmen allt emot mig ler
och när jag mitt trötta öga sluter
jag det söta änglabarnet ser

Ser du ängeln, hör du hur det klingar
moder, en musik så underbar
se han har så vackra vita vingar
dem han säkert från vår herre har

Grönt och gult och rött, mitt öga bländas
det är blommor ängelen strör ut
får jag vingar ock förrn livet ändas
eller får jag, moder, sen jag dör

Säg varför du mina händer trycker
varför lägger du din kind mot min
den är våt, men jag den glödhet tycker
Moder, jag vill alltid vara din

Men du får ej mera tårar gjuta
gråter du, så gråter jag med dig
O, jag är så trött, vill ögat sluta
Moder, se nu kysser ängeln mig

Cant feel good over success?!?

Cant feel good over success?!?

Well, as you know I keep a lookout for things that might interrest me in several ways
and recently, a personal object of distaste goes out and says he cant feel good about
about things he has succeeded with, but instead, he feels bad about things that
didn’t go his way, the article is found here:

Now, I wouldn’t feel good criminalizing about 75%  of the youth population and on top of that, put the rest
under the same surveillance that USED TO BE RESERVED TO CRIMINALS!

Aaaaw, come on Thomas, isn’t that something to be happy about. Even the artists themselves are using
illegal filesharing, but the difference is that they have a get away free cards from the record labels and
the rest of us doesnt. Now, did I miss something ….. actually I did.

How about this for a change. The man actually wants a minister seat WHILE HE LIVES IN THE US
and the seat is in sweden, AND he still wants to get paid, even though he most likely was receiving
government pay while staying at home finishing writing a book. Sheesh. My vote will go to ANY party
that can promise me that Thomas Bodström will never ever have any government function as long
as that party is in the parlament. There. I said it. Lets go.

Trains, Planes and… nope

Not been a good morning today. As you know, most often I take a train to work
and swedens railroad companies are, well, lets just say their time tables isn’t
exactly accurate and leave it at that.

I leave home in good time, drive to the trainstation and park the car, walk to the ticket
machine and swipe my card. No admittance. Well, this was kinda expected as its about time
to renew the monthly card. So, went inside, and what do I see? The train is, as usual,
delayed. It’s time is now 7:41. Well, that it is an “OK” time as that makes me pretty
much get to work just a few minutes late, about 5 or 6. My bosses are understanding
to my late comings due to trains but really, it bugs me to be late. So, I walk
out to the platform, and start to wait. And wait…. And waaaaaaaaaait. 7:52 the
train rolls in. A quick door opening and off we go. By now, I am pretty steaming
due to the lateness, but I am as always, polite to the personel at the train.

I start to listen to a popular radio station, Mix megapol, the reasons are that
they are the ones who have the best reception if you want to listen to anything
but classic music or foreign languages, and the pleasant voiced host talks
about this and that between songs.

I roll into Västerås waay to late for my taste and pretty much more or less runs
towards work (have I mentioned that I hate to be late) And when I do, I cross a huge
gravel parking lot. About this time, the host of the show starts talking about
trainrides and I feel that spark of ire reach some tinder and starts to smoulder.
Then comes the kicker.

“There has probably been a lot of good things with train rides, text message us
with your story of how good trainrides are”

I almost exploded then and there.

The reason for this is that the entire winter, the swedish railways have had problems,
Multitudes of trains have been cancelled and not a single one has left on time as it
should, when they have left at all, and since then, the entire infrastructure has been
shot to hell in a handbasket. An estimate is that about 1 in every 5 morning that I
go by train, the train leaves on time, and someone wants me to sit down, relax and
have a good time on a train ride? What the hell.

If my boss starts to withdraw from my paycheck, can I demand that from the swedish
railway companies. Noooooooo. Let’s say that I was my own employee as a consultant,
would the swedish railways hire someone that is late more often then not due to
someone elses fault? I mean, after a while it just sounds like a bad excuse, no matter
how true it really is and that rails me.

Imagine the consultant who lives by the three pillars of “Punctuality”, “Thouroughness”
and “Completion”

First off, he will loose some of his reputation for not being able to present the first,
the second will take a hit because you cant be thourough if you constantly worry about time
and the completion will be suffering because every week, 1-2 hours will mysteriously dissapear
due to commuting problems and that could seriously hamper critical systems. And what does
the railway companies do? Not a frigging thing. Not even, despite having a large IT
section, do they continously update train departures so that people would be able to
see if it is a waste of time to wait for the train, OR reimburse costs for gasoline
due to being forced to take a car to work. How’s that in your eye, enviromentalist party?

Shameless advertising for a brand I personally dislike. (Win an iPad)

How is that even possible? Well, it is for a good cause and a few of my coworkers
seems to like fruitsalads,  so here goes. You, yeah, you *points with the entire hand*
have the chance to win a free iPad and will get it delivered as soon as they have
reached the swedish apple stores, you will however be requested for something for it.

No, it has nothing to do with surveys, reading advertising, spreading on facebook or whatnot.
It requires that you know a geek friend that is very good with computers and servers,
regardless of OS on said computers, has experience with different programming languages
and who will answer correctly if someone suddenly yells “SYN!” A person devoid of social life
is pref.. never mind,that it was a lame try at a pun, seeing as I myself doesnt have much of a
social life anymore.

But if the person that you recommend to us gets an employment as a server techie you will get
your own flashy (i cant believe I am doing this!) and neat iPad. Sounds too good to be true?
I know, it actually does but for a change, it’s is actually true and I will put my solemn word down
on this, aswell as my never before used consience (so its as clean as a whistle)

Oh, and I know that some of you think that having ECDL or similar makes you an excellent candidate,
I can assure you that you need a lot more then that. Try to explain what cascade constraints are for
MySQL, or how to do a backup on a Linux machine with RSYNC. Click HERE to see the answer in syntax form

Or how to create a two dimensional array from two single dimensional array in perl
Answer is HERE

Do you think that you know someone who can solve these kinds of things without cheating
and looking on the answers? Visit this page: Arbeta på Loopia and fill
in the details for us and *puts on his best gameshow host voice* YOU! could be the winner of a brand
new, shimmering, glittering iPad, packed with the latest OS from Apple Computers!

*Switches into TV-Shoppers mode* So, what are you waiting for, if you dial in today, we will also
throw in this extremely honorable thought from the staff! As if that was not enough,
we will also throw in a free supply of air *its being created in the amazon as we speak and will be delivered
via standard air currents*.

I want to be a cop!

Yes, I am serious, but not to fight crime, but to be above the law
as is the current suggestion. In an article in Aftonbladet (
Maria Larsson suggests that policemen will be able to confiscate material
that is currently legal but MAY BECOME classified as narcotics. Ok, the
scare here isn’t that people might loose their prescription meds but rather
the corruption that this invites to. If someone gets into their heads to
confiscate something, regardless of substance type without support of
the law, you are inviting the fact that this will escalate, some people
take the common “Car parralell” that the police will impound sportscars
to reduce speeding and such nonsense, I am more worried about another scenario.

Since the police doesn’t need the support of the law to conduct certain things,
What happens if someone, anonymously, calls in that you are having your
own little meth cookery down in the basement? You are sitting there, with
your family, your door gets knocked down, before you know it, you are down
on the floor, hands cuffed to your back and you are hoisted outside to wait,
cuffs on and all while the police searches your house and comes up empty.

Beside the obvious trauma of the handling of you as a person physically, your
neighbours will start to gossip about what happened and since human mentality
is what it is, the snowball of rumours will start to fly.

Here we go again!

I think you may have noticed the blog being down for a while, well, unfortunaly, my serverprovider
managed to get tons of hardware burned out and the as… wait a minute.. thats me!

Seriously though what happened was that I was working on something from work, and suddenly the machine
started getting more and more sluggish and I figured something was up but couldnt pinpoint it straight off.
I had Linda reboot the machine and it came to the loading screen and there it froze. We tried a few times
more when she said, and I quote: “It sounds a lot less and smell burnt”! So naturally I told her to shut it off.

I came home and started scrounging up every spare piece of hardware I could lay my hands on and changed
pretty much everything in the damn chassi but it refused to boot, so today I went and fetched another little
heap and moved over the discs and voila .. case closed, server online.

Lets hope this thing holds the same time that the old one.. 3 years on 500 SEK aint bad.

When you get nothing at all

Sometimes you wish that time was a little more on your side and you didnt have to work to
the extent that is generally the consensus of the general populace. I think that a 32 hour
day would suit me better, but that would also require that the work hours stay the same
as I really would need to adjust my daytime to exist of more then work, kids and sleep but
alas that will never happen. I guess I am stuck in this Loop for a while but hey, as long as
I can handle it, I will keep struggling with it.

It has been an interresting week to say the least with at least two deaths occuring
of people that will be missed throughout the world. One, I have already written about,
Mr Ronnie James Dio. The small man with the massive voice but the other is
not so known, although a lot of people has actually seen his work. I am talking
about the painter Frank Frazzetta wich has made a whole heap of fantasy book covers,
among a few are the character named Elric aswell as one of the black riders for the DnD books
and I cant for the life of me remember wich one. So guys, here’s your toast and your
dirge all baked into one. Rock On!

Dr Frankenstein – Part II

Well, the old heap that I got to restore got what might be called a massive update. From the beginning, it was chugging
along at a meager 730 Mhz, wich wasn’t really that bad when the computer was freshly bought. Now however, I have
more CPU power in my phone.. hows that for a change. It also spotted 3X sticks of SDRAM, each at 128Mb each and
well … it couldnt do much. You started up internet explorer (wich was the only browser installed, dont blame me)
and then you went to grab a cup of coffee, came back in time to see the window load.

I did some thinking and figured I had some spare parts laying around. I had Linda do some scrounging while I was
at work, told her what to look for and when I got home, the Dr went to work. Now, its still not a top of the line system
but it really isnt half bad to use. It sports a nice AMD XP 3000+ cpy chugging at 2.1 Ghz (more then double the speed)
and 1 Gb ram (Also more then double) and a new CPU fan, and a new PSU. On top of that, there was a fresh install
of Windows XP, aswell as assorted needed software. So, now its running like clockwork. Hope the old lady that
owns the system will be pleased. I know I am considering what I got to work with from the start.

Lazy Fingers

I know that most people doesn’t have that itch to write like some of us who has blogs for the sheer joy
of writing, but I see that people visit this place on more or less a daily basis and really, is it so hard
to write a comment that you like what you read, or input your thoughts on the matter that I am currently
writing about. I can see that some posts have had quite a lot of reading, but not a single little comment.
Why is that?

Is it the fact that there is a captcha? Sorry people, but seeing the amount of spam that this blog gets,
its either that or drown in spam comments and frankly, how good would that look when I dont have
the energy to sift through all the spam to post comments?

I really enjoy input. Both negative and positive and really, as long as the comment has something to
add, I dont care if it rails against how wrong I may be because they add another view in the matter
and can therefore be valuable in its own right. I dont believe in censorship, never have, and I wont
implement it just to dodge a comment that isn’t agreeing with me.

So please, when I am in the wrong, start a discussion about it. I am not that narrow minded to say
that I can’t be wrong. Or, when I am right, tell me about that so that I can keep on going.
I write for my own pleasure, but also for your entertainment.

A legend is gone, but not forgotten

Today, at 7:45 this morning, one of the heavy metal great elder gods passed away.
It has been written in a few newspapers , such as Aftonbladet and
Expressen and well, he hasn’t made too much noise these later years,
but really, Ozzy, Dio and Cooper pretty much paved the way for todays
metal and we have that trinity to thank for a lot.

Ronnie James will be missed and currently, and to Ronnie, well, now you followed
the rainbow in the dark to become the last in line.

One of metal’s greatest and strongest voices has been torn away from us and
it really is with a sad heart that I raise my glass to this former living legend,
now, only a legend and say “We Rock!”

This has got to stop!

Every day I see the same damn thing. It comes in the mail,
group invitations on facebook and not least, people actually
joining and LIKING things of this nature. What am I talking
about? Well, all these “Join this or that group because
if you dont, facebook will be a “pay” site”

Here is a newsflash for you. IT’S BOGUS! Facebook generally
makes their funding on advertising and seeing the amount
of users that actually has a facebook account and that frequently
logs in to see those adds, well, im guessing they are making quite
a bit of mint on it.

So, why does these groups come to be? Well, for the exact same reason that
you receive those “Microsoft is tracking this mail, you will get xxx dollars to send
it on.” Well, as long as the mail is within microsofts network, I am guessing they
could see the server logs, but as soon as it’s outside, they cant track the mail.

Neither will your fridge walk out of the door to hop repeatedly on your car’s hood
if you dont send that chain mail letter.

This is the exact same thing and I am fed up with it. Stop spamming me with
messages that facebook will be a pay site, stop joining those frigging groups
because they are only A: A sham to get members (im pretty sure that the names
of the groups will,
in a very short period of time, be renamed to “We who like to have sex with kitchen
utensils or similar) and B: You are also spamming your friends with messages that
they either dont understand and follow, or just dislike it cluttering their wall.

You happy now? Just you wait til the day that facebook finally DOES become a pay site.
THEN you can tell me that im wrong. Not before.

Dr Frankenstein

The gentleman Dr. Frankenstein and I seem to have a few similarities, although he seems
to accomplish feats that are beyond my reach. Why? Well, lets say it this way. Sitting next
to me is a relic from a lost era of pentium 3 machines. This one ticking in at 730 mhz, and when
it came to me, it had a staggering 384 Mb RAM. If that is not a corpse, someone tell me what is.

Anyhow, now it has a newer PSU and it also has 512 Mb RAM, wich was the amount of SDRAM that
I currently had within a convenient reach, but a dragon reared its ugly head. The dragon being
the one with “too old to use certain things”

Ive scrapped or given away all my old PS2 keyboards, I use a nice, low profile Logitech keyboard
that is based of a nice little USB end, and it hasnt failed me yet. It will be found within XP, no problemo there
but when I want to do a complete, fresh install? Noooooo .. while in bootup, the USB isnt started on
this board, and there is no way to enable it in BIOS. Whoop-de-frigging-doo! So, here’s the plan.

This system is gonna be picked up tomorrow during the day by Lindas mother, she will then drive
the system to Lindas grandmother, who will plug it in, hopefully note a slight performance change
and, with the nice little addition to call me so I can help her with the reinstallation of the computer
over the phone. Luckily, I have also supplied an unattend file to make the installation unattended
wich means that the nice old lady wont have to do much except boot the system up, make some initial
pressings on the keyboard and then go have a few cups of coffee or go to the store or whatever.

Oh well .. all in a days work. I am a tech-support, on 24 hour call it seems, but hey, at least I am good
at what I do and take pride in it. Viva la Techs!

Hear ye! The revolution cometh!

iPad, iPhone, iPad, iMac, iWeb, iLife … iDontCare! Who in the name of Gunther figured
out that “Hey….. we will take a line of products, and name them all “I-something” and
call it a revolution!” Come on, Thigs really took a turn for the worse.

Ok, I applaud apples designers but I pity their customers. Why? Well, heres
what I believe happen. Some guys saw the prototype for the iPod and figured
“Hey, lets get that thing, market it so hard so that almost everyone will get it”

Said and done. The iPhone became a household name. Now, apple more or less
managed, by dedicated, brainwashed fanboi’s and very clever marketing more or
less make the word “mp3player” into more or less another word for iPod, and on
top of that, they flooded the market with different models of a model of mp3 players.
Confused yet?

ipod Nano, Maxi, Video, Shuffle, Mini, you name it, it was all there. I am pretty sure
that you could get iPod Condom. It was also when the iPod Touch started surfacing, that
the iPhone came, wich pretty much is an iPod touch, with capabilities to make phonecalls,
so… and the oooooooh so important “app store” wich, frankly only exist to box in the
customers even more, because if i want to load an application that I myself coded,
into my own phone, wich i OWN, I still need permission from Apple, because if I
dont, I most likely cant even get the software on my phone. Way to box people in.

Now they figured out that “Heeeeeey” netbooks are cool and all, but we still havent milked
out all the dineros from the “i” concept. So, they pretty much stretch an iphone, remove
the phone capabilities and tadaaaaaaa the iPad was born. And guess what! Apple
fanboi’s are selling their own mothers to get a hand on one. I have tried all these Apple products
and frankly,  The only thing I am impressed with is the OSX, wich in terms of speed, stability and
design beats Windows hands down, but seriously, in the hardware department, stop living
on the hype and create something that is not an “i” derivative and something that does not have a
3 letter tail attached to it…… unless its iTox, the software that shows you what Apple is
doing to your brain.

Tweet this!

I have had a twitter account for quite a long time now but
mostly it has been to display blog updates, but now I found
something that makes it a little more useable for me.

Or rather. Not me who found it, but let me explain.

At work, we have someone who works with the media,
making press statements and images and so forth and
one day I passed his desk, all bedecked with Apple™©®
insert restrictive sign here, and saw a nice grey screen
with tons and tons of twitter feeds on it. Now, that looked
more like it. I could post to twitter, and in real time follow
what others twittered about. Suddenly the uses of it
increased tremendously for me. I was suddenly not locked
to a browser, I could do other things, such as write here
with my browser window.

It appeared that this thing was for Macs, but with a little research
I found a PC (Windows) version of it, it did however require Adobe Air ™©®
(I really love those characters) So I gladly went and downloaded it.

The software in question? Tweetdeck. Sofar, I am enjoying it, because
it really made twitter more useable for me. You might want to give it a
try, in that case, you can find it at and I really
think that you should try it.

View through my glasses

Yesterday, while on a train ride home I got asked on my political views since I am wearing a pirate party keychain.
Well, I explained to him that yes, my vote will go to the pirate party. And the person more or less exploded in my
face demanding to know how I could vote for a “one-issue party”. Well, then came a nice little diatribe about stealing
artists material, freeloader, etc etc etc.

I let him ramble on for a while and simply stated that I couldnt care less
about filesharing. Filesharing is not the reason for me to leave the more
established parties, the issue that I want to adress is the personal integrity
breaches that now occurs daily, that foreign monetary interrests are more
or less able to dictate domestic laws and that the swedish government actually
bends for those demands.

He then pretty much looked like I had hit the back of his head with a board,
completely stunned. It was as if he did not understand what I was saying.
A “pirate” sympathizer who did not want the free, albeit questionable, “right”
to download whatever he wanted from the web.

I gave it a few seconds of thought and formulated the answer like this:

Would you mind if I stopped the mailman before he reached your mailbox,
took your mail, opened it, copied it for future reference and then put it back
in the envelope and slid it inside his mailbox. Of course he was outraged, Noone has the right to read his mail of course. My thoughts around here was “he is taking it, hook line and sinker” so I pressed on.

If you where talking to your wife on the phone, would it be OK for me to have a hidden device and
sit somewhere else just to listen, and to be able to file the entire conversation, no matter what
it was about so it will be stored in some archive just incase you will do something later on?
He started to get confused again, so he told me: Of course not, but what does that have to do
with the pirate party?

I then explained the FRA law, IPRED and ACTA agreements. And of course, he dragged out the 2
arguments that seems to be the last saviour for those defending these idiocies: But what if I dont have
anything to hide? Well.. You wouldnt mind someone videofilming you and your wife then?
My point is, what someone think is private varies, but you have to have a common limit on what
is OK to look at. We have just given the government to treat the entire swedish population as
potential terrorists and now, any communication that is not face to face can be monitored,
dont you see a problem with that.

I could see uncertainty slowly creeping up on this poor man but I had my steamengine puffing now
so I pressed on.

Your kid probably uses facebook, MSN and a wide variety of other social tools, are you OK
with someone knowing all about your daughters/sons conversations online, no matter on how an
embarrasing subject? You know, if I followed you around constantly for a few weeks, always noting
down what you did, you could call me into court and slap a restraining order in my face with ease
and the court would approve, and I am pretty sure that you would, however you have just told
the government that “Hey, its ok, follow me and my family” in the same way, albeit online, and whats
worse, is that its leaning more and more towards that uncontrolled, (or should i say overcontrolled?)
profit organizations will  have the exact same permission.

On top of that, BOTH government has promised, word for word, that these new laws will not be used
to persecute young people and alienate the entire youth population, yet, this is exactly what has happened.
They havent “caught” anyone that makes money on filesharing (There still isn’t anything that shows that the
founders of The Pirate Bay” earned their money on filesharing.) And those that HAVE been fined for it
has mostly been students and we all know that students are the same as the rich people… or maybe not.

At this point, I could actually see this man squirming in his seat and then came the surveillance supporters
try at “Ace” card. “Well, it can stop potential terrorists”

Now, I will use a technique that I actually despise myself, one of the ruling techniques so used by Göran Persson,
But do you honestly think that either Blondinbella, Agda at the nursing home, or for that matter will plant a
bomb somewhere and do you seriously think that IF terrorists use the internet for communication, that
will happen through MSN? I dont think so, we are probably talking about 256 bit AES encrypted VPN
tunnels, wich pretty much are impossible to break, and then on top of that, some other type of encryption
just to be on the safe side, and by the time the government has FINALLY cracked the encryptions, the
victims will be buried and the survivors have all recovered as fully as possible, so what good is it?

Ever seen a fish on land? I did yesterday.

It appears that I was talking to a pretty high placed politician in Örebro Län. I wont tell you whom,
but now atleast, I know the ignorance that is displayed by politicians firsthand. Good to know.


Well this seems to work

It took some fiddling, but i got moBlog to work. from what i see, the only real limitation is windows mobiles crappy excuse for a keyboard. touchscreen is ok but when the keyboard doesnt show wich key you are tapping, you are bound to make mistakes. any tips on software keyboard for win mobile 6.1 will be greatly appreciated

Swedens Gov. is killing people

Yay, i KNEW it. I knew it was gonna happen, but really, Swedish authorities have a history of not thinking
clearly, and ordering things that are totally off the wall, and sometimes outright dangerous and lifethreatening.
This time, it is the latter.

In sweden, we have summer and winter tires, no real big surprise there. We used to have the law to require you
to change to your summer tires as of the first of may at the latest, you could change from the 1st of april.
Now some moron thought “Hmmmm, I think there are too many people living in Sweden, so I will make
sure a few of them dies, and I will make it all look like accidents, and noone will ever sentence me for it,
because I am a part of the government organization.” So, this smart ass, changed the date at wich by law
you are required to have your summer tires, to the 15th of april, and added the little safety for himself
by adding “if there is winter conditions on the road you can keep the winter tires on”


From the 12th of April, to the 22th of April, there has been warm, sunny weather, so, naturally everyone
has changed to summer tires, because if not, after the 15th you get a hefty fine if you have the winter tires still on.
today, its the 22 of april, and theres 4 cm of snow outside. So, I am expecting to hear traffic reports on
accidents a plenty today because people followed the governments rules, and will now die for it.

You know what the best part is? The government will forget this in a week, and keep the dates, so each year,
people will get killed, needlessly because the government has stuck its head up their collective ass and figured
that since “there are never snow in Stockholm the 15th of April, that is also true for the rest of the country”
Well kick my balls til they are green and call me Shirley! Up in nothern Sweden, there are still towns who have
half a meter of snow, but since they have KNOWN winter conditions, they can keep their winter tires, but us who
live in between…. We are sentanced to either, A: a nice, fat fine or a nice fat accident.

Well, thank you for them fishes!


I do love the wordpress system, but sometimes, just sometimes weird errors pops up.

Like this place for instance, you may notice that there has been some slight changes, most to the better
some though are for the worse, for instance, I need to recreate my “installing wordpress” guides and the
download section for my wordpress themes (I am on it, never fear) but the reason for it was a weird error
in wordpress itself. The whole thing showed when I tried to upgrade wordpress in itself, or a plugin, it seemed
that the wordpress installation didnt find its own directory on my server. Every time I tried, I got the message
“WordPress cant find plugin directory” and a nice abortive message.

It really spoked my wheel and I figured “screw it” and dumped the entire database, and did a nice little
wipe of my wordpress installation. Recreated the account (Ill tell you about it in a second) and tried the same thing.

Why did I recreate the account, well, my server is set up so that when I create a user on it, the user gets
a home folder in the correct place and an it copies in wordpress from a skeleton folder. However, and this is
entirely my own fault, it is an older version of wordpress, so you need to update that manually right now.
It also copies over some good plug-ins like wp-cumulus and wp-recaptcha and a bunch of my themes.
What is left is for the user to download wp-confing-sample.php, edit that to the details i hand out and you
are good to go.

So, thats what I did. I deleted the account, deleted the home folder and recreated it.
Would you believe that I got the same error?

I scoured the web for solutions and there was a few, none of them worked however, then for
some spontaneus reason, the wordpress installation decided it wanted to work again.
So, here I am, scratching my head wondering what the hell was wrong, and no way of checking it
unless I want to wade through apache error log, and that wont happen until I get a major error.

Oh well, keep shinin out there.

And it really gets me going.

A few posts back I started ranting about “Googlebrains”. Well, the more I think about it, the more the
term catches on. Think about it. What is happening with the surfing on the web? It is no longer surfing
as it was, its now “Googling” and really, you can build a new browser without an adress field, because
really, people seems to not care what a domain name is, you can now collect every single frigging
website within googles server and rename the internet to “GooglePlex” … oh shit. Dont tell google because
they will try to create it.

So, lets cancel all domain names, because they are no longer relevant as people wont use them anyhow,
and at the same time, remove creative naming, because since everything is more or less surfed on through
Google, a number based on visitors should be used, and since it doesnt really matter what number you
have because Google almighty will index this themselves in real time, you can use GoogleEngineOptimization
to get more visitors and the one that has the lowest number wins! And in reality, this too wont matter because
the 100 lowest numbers will be pornsites no matter what other people do.

People, wake up and smell the coffee!

Domain names are there for a reason, they tell you where things are located. Lets review the basics of a domain name
and what it is. Take for instance this blog. This blog has a few adresses but the most used is “”

http:// means that we are using the protocol named “hypertext transport protocol”
blog is a subdomain of the domain:
zutgorak wich is situation within the:
.se country toplevel domain.

It is even clearer if you take an e-mail adress.

Person situated at the hotmail server in the .com Generic TopLevel Domain.

Makes sense doesnt it?

When some  people “surf” they wasting time by first surfing to then
typing in, in some cases, even the correct adress that they are supposed to surf to, then
waiting for Google’s loading time, then locating the correct URL because it is not certain
that the adress that you want is the first link that shows up, then clicking on it, and ending
up at the wrong page anyhow because the link that you clicked leads to a subpage and
forced to do the same thing over again but choosing a different link, when the only thing needed
is to locate the adress bar and typing in “” where the series of X is
the adress you want to go to. Is that so hard?

We need to raise the awareness of how a webbrowser works, and more importantly, how
a search engine works and HOW TO USE IT CORRECTLY!

Enough ranting for today. Lets go.

Forgive me, body, for I have sinned

20 years … That is a long time to be abusing your body I guess, but thats pretty much
how long I have been doing it in various ways and I figured it was time to stop. Stop what?
Well, smoking of course. Some people will shake their heads and say “You wont last 2 days!”.

I break you!

To that I say “NYAH!” I am already passed that. I havent smoked a single cigarette for the
last four days and the worst is over. I had some pretty bad withdrawal syndromes but I
am over the worst hump. I no longer break out in uncontrollable sweats just because
my body tells me, I no longer get dizzy spells. It is with mixed feelings really.

Smoking was a social thing aswell as a need on a pure reptile based basis, but my hope
is that I will be free of these things forever. I am not doing it because the society wants
me to, because as you know, I rarely care about that, but rather for my own health and
purely financial reasons and since I did it as a choice, not as a forced decision, I think it
might be a better result. I will let you know how things goes.

Take care


It is the new term for people who cant think for themselves but use google for pretty much everything
and usually using it wrong! It is really really annoying to give someone a specific url, and they GOOGLE the url!
Well, you will end up at the wrong place, trust me on that one and the only thing that will happen is that the person
who is telling you the adress, will only get frustrated at your inability to understand how to use a URL.

I have, today alone, ran into several things that made me want to strangle people in general and let
me tell you, the common denominator in it all, is Google, and how people use it. Now, from how a search
engines indexing work, if you search a url, SOMETIMES you will get a link to the URL, but very often,
you will get a link to a page that mentions the URL and well….. now you have just wasted my time and
proven to me that you are 1. unable to take simple directions, and 2. that you really dont know the first
thing on how to use a webbrowser.

It has come to the point that people dont use the term “URL” or “adress” anymore, the phrasing is not “Wich
adress does that site have”, the phrase has, for some reason morphed into “How do I google that” Now, do you
want to go to the url I just gave you, or do you want to find other sites that lists the URL I gave you?

The usage of google has spiraled out of control and it seems that this in itself is actually narrowing peoples
minds instead of widening it, and frankly, it frightens me. Everything now is Google Google Google. How does my
page rank on google, how can you help me get better google rank, how can you bla bla bla google bla bla bla.
Geez Louise! Stop it already. Google is a search engine. I use it to look up things, not as a proxy to surf to sites
that I already have the target URL for!

Google is a great search engine, and their mail is good too, but seriously, from the way people are using it,
it appears that pretty soon, someone will make a religion with the commandment “Thou must always start with Google”
and I will be damned if that religion wont beat both christianity, islam and buddhism as the leading religion in the
world, just because the neverending flock of sheep that cant seem to leave google alone.

You want to use google, here is a link to you: Very useful link!

You want a tip in text? Here you go. If you know the URL, type it, if you DONT know the url, Google the sites name.

Going back a step

In my previous post, I railed some at the
people at spotify for not providing a client
for the windows mobile. I then got a mail
from a reader that wanted to know where to
get the “hacked together” client. I dare say that
the client does not look like something thats
hacked together but rather like a piece of
software that can be a complement to my phone.

The program is called “mySpot” and can be
found here:
on the XDA Developers site. It lacks
some things such as spotify’s own
“offline listen”  but hey, if you have a good
dataplan or access to a wifi, whats the problem?

This is however NOT a free ticket to premium
spotify, you will still need to have a premium
account to be able to access it from your mobile, but still.

The development on this seems to have been progressing faster then spotify’s own development
for a windows mobile client, and they have, hopefully, more then a single programmer
AND access to the source code to use as reference. The guy who has made this program
probably reverse engineered the spotify client for PC to get this together and frankly,
theres a lot of cudos for him in this.

Soooo, Spotify, hows things going?

And I dont mean that in a general sense, because there is something specific that I want. When can I get this?!?
Namely Spotify for my cell phone. The image you see here is of a Samsung Omnia I900
that uses Windows Mobile 6.1 One of the pretty easy OS’es to code for really, however
I am guessing that Microsoft has some fingers in the game in all of this wich makes
it harder for the guys at spotify to create a client for it. But come on, can easily, in my
circle of friends, count 5 that has windows based cellphones just because we dont want to
A: Get shafted by Apple and locked down to them to be able to use any software or B:
Simply the feel of the Windows Mobile that you have gotten used to.

However, now spotify is available for Android, Iphone and Symbian. How about
giving me the excuse to get my premium account? Right now the only difference
between the 99 SEK version and free version for me is that 1 contains commercials
and the other dont. So, for me theres not really a viable thing to put my money
into since even with the commercials, its still better then radio.

I dont really see the pain in getting something ready from spotify to windows mobile
systems, seeing that there are actually people that has made their own applications
that does just that. Stream to your windows mobile phone. It still requires premium
account and I can live with that, I still think its weak that the inhouse programmers
is slower then someone who does not have direct access to the source code tho, and
that is what really gets me going.

Ipred is here again……

Again, several newspaper reports that the movie companies are trying to get access to someones
Ipnumber using the IPRED law. Well, I for one think that the law really is something that shouldnt
have been passed at all, but thats just my highly personal conviction, but hey, I am entitled to
an opinion, or… pherhaps not anymore. I dislike the fact that people can request information about
me as a person. Anyhoo, these are the newspaper articles:

Aftonbladet, Svenska Dagbladet and Expressen
This time its regarding the site “Swetorrents” that apparently are using Telia as an ISP and as the
article states, this has been up before, and Telia then rejected the claim and filed an appeal. I am
guessing that Telia, as a company know that IF they hand over the IP numbers, they will also
have an exodus of customers that will be switching to other ISPs and sending their money elsewhere.
I am not surprised that the movie and music companies are still pursuing this old line because frankly,
they noticed loooong ago that the business model was slowly dying, but still they are beating the stick
at the dead horse and now try to make money by claiming that filesharing is costing them millions.

What they fail to realize tho is that one downloaded song isn’t the same as a sold single. I use spotify
for my music these days, so I am gratefully excerpt from these idiocies, but what people need to
realize is that I wouldnt pay money to hear a song that I might not like, because when I have listened
to that song once, I have broken the seal and I cant return the disc, and renting music, whoever heard
of that concept? The companies point their fingers to the younger generations and manages to push law
after law through that seriously jeopardizes the freedom of the web as we know it. Are we to be
censored soon too? Well, it sure as hell seems to be going that way. For all you swedish people out there,
let me give you a little scare with a possible vision of the future.

We now have the FRA law, wich pretty much stores whatever we send abroad for later analyzing.
Ok, all well, I can see that there is no escaping it, but, we also have nationalist and racist political
parties advancing pretty rapidly, and some of the larger political parties are OPENLY COURTING
these parties. Lets assume that a few years from now, one of these parties will gain control. It isn’t
unthinkable, and that in itself is  a scary thought, but now, suddenly, they have the possibility to
push a change on laws out, and voila, they already have the perfect tool ready to track down dissidents
and other unwanted persons, such as immigrants and similar that simply expresses their right of
communication. Oh my.

Lets take it one step further.
The common man doesnt know how to protect their privacy online, that is a fact, and since the
messages have already been stored on some server, they also contain IP number, email adress,
possibly even MAC adresses and hostnames and now, its a very slim thing to actually locate this
individual and something goes bang in the night, and this party now has one less dissident.

Does this ring a bell? It should. It has already happened before in several nations, altho THOSE
NATIONS HAVE ABOLISHED THE BLOODY THING! But ooooh, not sweden. We want to control
everything our citizens do and lord help us if we step a toe out of line. When we do, we will be labeled
as terrorists, taken by CIA agents to Egypt, who has no laws against torture, and tortured til we admit
to being both reincarnation of Buddha aswell as guilty of both world wars and that the Titanic went to
its watery grave.

The more we let private actors claim the web, the more we leave the door open to misuse, and yes
I am taking this to extremes, but thats where you HAVE to go, because if someone can think about
it, then someone can make it happen and frankly, I think that Sweden is going to hell in a handbasket
and who’s fault is that? Well, I dont want to point any fingers towards any special political side. Do you
want to know why? Thats easy. They are both guilty of these atrocities.

Tomas Bodström from the left block put the idea forward, and when they lost mandate, the
right block claimed “We wont use this to hunt down the young population of today” and pushed
the laws through. Well, you kept your word. However, you didn’t think that others would break
it for you, did you? Bloody Morons.

I wont back down!

Some might remember the battle I had with my voice a while back, well, right now I am
having a battle in my mind already. I managed to contract a cold for the first time in I dont know
how long, I have had fever, and of course, throat pains. And this scares the hell outta me because
now I have a job that I enjoy and I want to evolve and do the best I can but to do that I have to
be able to use my voice. However,  it appears that the boss I have now actually cares about his
little workers, instead of just ignoring us. That simple “get well soon” meant a lot to hear when
you are more used to hearing “Get yer arse back to work you as soon as you can.”

What scares me the most is that this is giving me a good mind job. What if its the same thing
again? I know it most likely isn’t but still. What if? I am a damn good support tech. I can calm
most people and make them analyze the problem and in most cases, solve the problem so that
the client understands why that problem occured and what can be done to prevent similar problems
in the future. The customers I talk to are generally happy with the support I provide and
well, I enjoy the feeling of helping. However, to do that effectivly, I have a tool that is now
more or less disabled, I can stand headaches, migraines even an upset stomach, but when
my voice is down, my performance also goes down with it. I need to be able to talk to the
client so as to not get things the wrong way, or hear audibly that the client is using the wrong
terms and hence wont be getting the help that is needed.

All this is taxing on my mind, but I know one thing. I wont back down. I know the tricks this time
around. I am not gonna let my throat kill off my voice and put me out of fighting. I picked up a lot
from the last doctor and right now I am putting it all to the test, and with a little luck, I will
be back at work very shortly, as shortly as possible, and keep evolving into the support tech that
you all want to call.

Sentimental scribblings

Well, we all have them I suppose. Those sentimental moments that creeps up on you
from time to time and pounce on you when you least suspect it, and I had one today.

I was, as usual, sitting at my computer doing nothing important when I started thinking
if my very first “real” PC. The first I bought for my own money was a shabby ole 386
with a whopping 200 Mb harddrive, 1 Mb graphics card from cirrus logic (E-ISA of course!)
and it even had a soundcard AND a CD ROM. It was operating at a whopping 33 Mhz and
frankly, I enjoyed that machine to the fullest. I could play Doom on it if i just lowered
the windows size just a tiny bit. I didn’t have windows on it because anything that I wanted
to do, I could do from MS-DOS with about as little hassle as from windows, and I didnt
need windows 3.1 to clutter up my harddrive.

You may think that 33 mhz is little, but keep in mind that the processor clock frequency has
increased very fast with the coming of the first pentium CPUs. For a while, there was a heaven
of hardware spewing out on the market and whenever you turned around, there was a new
processor out that had a slightly higher frequency and also, new types of RAM came.

The days when new hardware came, you where always enthusiastic, and to be frank, I still
get like a kid at christmas when I know I have new hardware to pick up. I can hardly wait
til I get to shred the wrapping and plug it in and see what the baby can do.

I fondly remember my first major upgrade. I bought a Pentium 166 (no, no MMX on that one) and it had
a mindboggling 64 megs of ram, and pieced with that, was a catchy OS with the catchphrase
“Where do you want to go today” Well. I soon learned that the catchphrase SHOULD have been
“You are not going anywhere today” seeing as bluescreens became a part of everyones day, but
despite that, suddenly I had a computer that could handle the new and Ultra Cool “Duke Nukem 3d” from 3D Realms.

The fun we had with that game at lan parties, hooking up our BNC network and terminating it and just
spewing ballistic projectiles at eachother to our hearts content and that was fine, until one day, I think
it was Marcus Agehall, or pherhaps Anders Lindahl who brought us a demo of what would soon be my
new and major addiction. Quake by ID software, the same company that had made sure I lost as much
sleep as possible while playing Doom. Oh my dog! That game was off the map!

Quake became a part of my everyday life, and I also measured my computer to better performance
using that game. I even bought my first Voodoo card and suddenly, even getting killed was wonderful!
And on top of that, the graphics was stunning and mindboggling.

Alas, nowadays people have become spoilt rotten for graphics. I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing,
but I still return to play quake 1 and 2 on occasion and I stil enjoy it.

My current addiction is one of those games with the great graphics, If you havent played the game
“Bioshock” yet, I urge you to do that. Here is a little teaser screenshot:

Now I am off for another game of Quake tho.

Take care

Rated X

Now, I think I have found a new favourite comedy song, really for sure. Weird Al has some
great tunes, no doubt about it, but I have managed to locate someone who has the same
crude type of humor that I have, and to top it all off, he does it with feeling. I give you
Rodney Carrington Ladies and gentlemen.

With songs like “Today’s  the day my wife met my girlfriend” and “She is twice the man I am”(at least I
think thats the title) He pretty much cracks me up a few times in each verse and the refrains are usually
catchy aswell. And even better, despite the songs about boobs and butts, my girlfriend actually laughs
about the songs aswell and the best one in particular right now is a song thats named “Show them to me”
wich is a song about my favourite pair of things. Breasts.

I started thinking about why the song worked for my girlfriend aswell and analyzed the lyrics a little
bit deeper then just in passing and what he says is pretty much the blinding truth that is hidden in the
comedy of it all.

“I dont care if they dont match or if one’s bigger then the other. You can show me one, and I’ll imagine the other.
Dont be sad, yer boobs aint bad, they’re just a little long”  Just disrobe, show your globes and a happy man I’ll be.
Ive met a lot of them, but never one I’ve hated, even if you’ve had 13 kids and you think they look deflated”

Now, I couldnt agree more. Breasts are gods gift to men and women. Men loose all their blood from their brain when
there is a pair around and women can flaunt em to get a man to do pretty much anything and of top of that, they
also provide food for kids. Not much we men have on that.

Now, I cant talk for all the male population but I can say that the vast majority of us are fond of
those female attributes in one way or the other and lets be frank, women are about as concerned
about their assets as we men are with our male attribute. Isn’t it time we accept that no matter what
the current fashion in body type is, accept that we are different and enjoy that difference because
lets face it, if we all where carbon copies of perfect bodies, where would the excitement in exploring
be after you have seen the first one?

I could ramble all night about this, but without further ado, I give you the song in question,
Show them to me by Rodney Carrington:

Oh it seems to me this whole world’s gone crazy
There’s too much hate and killin goin on
But when I see the bare chest of a woman
My worrys and my problems are all gone
No one thinks of fightin, when they see a topless girl
Baby if you would show yours too, we could save the world

Show them to me, show them to me
Unclasp your bra and set those puppies free
They’d look a whole lot better without that sweater baby I’m sure you’ll agree
If you got, two fun bags,
Show them to me

I don’t care if they don’t match or ones bigger than the other
You could show me one, and I’ll imagine the other
Even if you’re really old, theres nothing wrong
Don’t be sad your boobs ain’t bad, they’re just a little long

Show them to me, show them to me
Lift up your shirt and let the whole world see
Just disrobe, show your globes and a happy man I’ll be
If you got, dos chichi’s,
Show them to me

I’ve met a lot of them, but never one I’ve hated
Even if you’ve had thirteen kids and you think they look deflated
Theres no such thing as a bad breast, I believe this much is true
If you’re a big fat man I’m a titty fan and I’d love to see yours toooo

Show them to me, show them to me
Just like the girls gone wild on T.V.
Just lean back and show your rack and I’ll be in ecstasy
If you got two casabas
Show them to me

All the world will live in harmony
It’ll do you good, it’ll give me wood, we’ll make history
If you love your country, I’m gonna say it one more time,
I said if you love your country yea
Then stand your ass up and show them big old titties to me

Rediscovering music

I have been listening to a lot of music again lately, I guess it comes and goes in waves really
but what realy strikes me is that the majority of the music I listen to have a few years on the
disc envelope and that lead me to a conclusion. I really think that the newer music is crap. What
I feel is good is hardly something that the kids of today would enjoy, at least not the vast majority.

Realizing that, I figured i could go all out and just look up some of the songs that I that I havent
heard for a few years and frankly, they have only gotten better with the age and compared to
all the crap you hear these days, it was an evening of pure eargasm.

Aerosmith, Scorpions, Alice Cooper,  Queen, Genesis… they where all there keeping me company
while I fiddled with pretty much nothing at all.

Oh well … now its time for todays last latte and then some sleep so I can manage work tomorrow.

Some people need to learn some manners.

Today, I took a bus ride from Västerås to Uppsala. Its about 1 and a half hour on the bus.
I got on, took a seat and started reading. From Västerås to Enköping, nothing happened that
was worthy of note, but in a place named “Örsundsbro” the passenger with no brain entered.

Now, I am no small person by any stretch of imagination. I weight quite a lot more then what is
considered ideal and I wont make any of those excuses, but the woman who climed aboard
the bus literally could fill two seats by herself by putting her buttcrack in the middle of the seats.
And here comes the kicker. I am now the second biggest person on this bus, no kidding, and she
decides, for whatever reason and straight out of the blue, to squeeze in next to me.

What the hell is that about? So, after sitting down, she asks me, quite politely if i could move my
leg a little. So, I obliged, hoping that she would get off soon. Well, she didn’t.

A few miles goes by that for me is VERY unconfortable since I am having my entire left side pressed against the
bus inner walls. Not fun, but this person, who is quite a few fries from a Happy Meal, turns her head, and asks
me if I could stop taking so much room…. WHAT THE FUCK? You are spilling over into MY SEAT and you have the
nerve to ask me to make myself smaller.

To this woman I would like to say this:

Hun, as I am VERY sure that you are aware of, you cannot alter your physical mass with your mind, even
though I am quite certain that you MAY have managed to delude yourself into thinking that you are a size zero,
your butt squeezing through the bus door SHOULD have told you different. Go sit next to some skinny person
instead of someone who is both well built AND has a bunch of extra pounds. Or better yet, use your psychic
shrinking powers on yourself until the point where you slip through the cracks of the various molecules that
builds up the bus.

Alas, I am too polite to do this, so, I just turn my head, without changing facial expression or body position, I
looked her in the eyes until she turned her head and let the matter drop.
Sometimes, looking like someone just released from a murder sentance helps.

When life gives you lemons…..

….Break out the Booze and lets get it over with.

Seriously though. Life has it’s ups and downs and you have to tackle them any way that you can without
loosing what little faith you have in yourself and your social network because that is what life is all about,
learning from your experiences and grow from them.

If you dont, you just stand on the same spot, stomping your feet and grinding your teeth in frustration, never
being able to fathom what to do when an unexpected situation occurs and that my friends, is the worst thing
that can happen. You have to learn to adapt or  be run over by the new time.

For someone who has stagnated in their personal development, there is little hope of recovering
unless these people do something really really drastic, such as suddenly change their career or change
most of their habits in one stroke, but it is doable. For me, the turn came when I changed jobs.

The old job is dead. Meet the new job. Same as the old job. But with better pay, better ours, better
morale and a better product. I am pleased, so pleased in fact that I can still, after half a year at the
place say that its still fun to go to work. The only drawback is leaving the warm cozy bed, but that
part would be there unless I was paid to stay in it.

Nuff rambling for tonight.

Nice to know I am appreciated

Well, work went … so and so I guess you would call it, but all in all, a positive day.
The random customers having problems to solve and I actually enjoyed myself in knowing that this
is what I do best. Solve technical problems for people so that they wont have to worry about
it all to much. I guess what my former boss said was true. He said “You where born to do tech support”
and really, I am older then most people working with tech support but I still have not aqcuired that
distilled bitterness that seems to go into support workers after about 2 years. I can still smile
and see the funny side of things, and appreciate the fact that when you have solved a clients
problem, you will get a lot of good reputation for the company, and the better the company
does, the more secure I am in my job.

What is it that makes certain people so bitter with tech support you ask? Well, I have been
bitter at it, and bored to hell at it, but after some careful consideration I have figured out that
it was not the job in itself that drove me up the walls. It was the tools and rules I had to abide with.

Look at it this way.
I have a problem with standing up for something that I know is not working as good as promised.
I have an even bigger problem with being FORCED to sell the product as a common peddler when I know
that the product will be needing to be replaced, mended, patched and whatnot in a very short time because
I, as a representative for the company, will be blamed for the customers displeasure beacuse I was the
one that convinced the customer that he needed just that piece of equipment. Sheesh.

Second, I am not a salesman. I never will be. I can tell  you my personal experience about certain
things, and in many cases recommend different things, but what if those things happens to be a competitors
things? Then I am forced to shut up big time.

Now, I really want to ramble on at my former work place, but personal ethics really stop me from
mentioning it all. But I know for a fact, that I could have made a vast amount of customers happier by
A: telling the truth
B: being allowed to make my own decisions regarding certain things
C: not being forced to sell products to people calling me for tech support.

Three simple things, that apparently, for some companies are too hard to understand.

Back to work I go

Well, the 10 work day paternity leave ends tomorrow morning, and it is with mixed feelings
that I go to work tomorrow. Mixed because I do like my work, I enjoy the coworkers and all
but still, I have this little bundle at home that is squeeking for its parents because its all it knows
how to do. What is its name? Well, we have settled for Emil, wich in my ears and eyes suits this
little thing because despite being only 2 weeks old, he still has a face and eyes twinkling with

I am however, already starting to dread the fact that I will be having 2 sons, close of age, wich
will have a set of my genes in them. I was high and low when I was a kid, and from the looks of
things, so will David, and I seriously doubt that Emil will be any different, so, my guess is that
my hair will increase its natural bleaching strategy and push forward full. Probably hitting
warp speed by the time Emil reaches the two year mark.

Having kids is a little like getting a meaningful tattoo. You sometimes stop and wonder
and just look at it thinking, what the hell have I gotten myself into, and other times you
just forget its there. But let me tell you. It’s there to stay and no matter what you do, remember
that there are no refunds on either tattoos nor kids.

Blogging and the blog death

Lets face it, blogging is a fashion thing. Not as in everyone who blogs do so about fashion, but rather
everyone more or less has to have one to be with the “in” crowd and have a slight chance of getting
some recognition. Now, there are thousands of blogs created each day. Literally. And of those,
maybe 10 survive the 5 first posts because people dont have the energy to write, or dont know
of what to write. This has 2 effects. The web gets more and more “dead” pages that doesn’t get updated
content and it gets harder and harder to get those gold nugget sites that keeps you coming back.

Now, I do know that I have some recurring visitors from various places of the world and
frankly, I am grateful for it. I dont feel that I write because I want recognition, I write to
share my thoughts on various topics and maybe get some good suggestions sent back to me
on those said topics, or to just push my opinion out for people to view. Is that something that is

Now though, companies have started to regard personal blogs as somewhat of a threat. If someone
is writing negative comments about the company that they work for, they risk getting fired from
that company. Now, that in itself, is  something that I dont support by any stretch of imagination
but apparently freedom of speech is not something that is covering blogs. Now, I would like
to interject something here. If someone lets out work secrets such as upcoming campaigns or a fusion
with another company like that, of course  you should get the sack, but telling about the work
environment, or bosses who dont know jack about things without mentioning their names, now that
is a whole different story.

But a lot of companies that has employees, unfortunatly have rotten HR politics, and seeing that the
economy is what is is, as well as the job market, well, it is really the employers choice and you
as an employee may not have much say in the matter. I know that I have a union rep that I could
talk to, but they are pretty much powerless in everything but a sexual harassment case and this
does not qualify as such, wouldn’t you agree?

So, all in all, we are hampered by our bosses by telling us “you cant talk negative about the company”
and we are hampered by the state as they tell us “you need constant surveillance, because you might be
a criminal” and we are hampered by ourselves, in not being abe to oppose this.

Lets rock this globe.

Home improvement

Geez. I am really jealous of my neighbours apartment. I saw the apartment when it was owned by the
previous tenants, and well, it was pretty much standard as far as apartment goes, but now, the nice couple
that has moved in there has pretty much re-done the entire thing, with new floors, painted the walls and
stuff and ive been in there twice now, and seriously, I am truly in awe at what they have done.

Our apartment has the exact same layout as they have, but for some reason, the colors they have used
and where they have used them, together with the floors they have, its a whole new level for me and
it has got me thinking that I need to do something with our apartment and I have managed to convince
my lady that we should do the same. There are a few things thats on my list.

First and foremost, the walls in the living room needs a repaint. Big time. And since its  a stucco wallpaper
its easily painted and maintain.

The hardwood floor in the living room is dying for a change. Why? well, the floor itself is built up by tiny tiny squares
of wood and some of them has loosened from the actual flooring, so when you vacuum, chances are you have to pick a
piece from the floor from the vacuum nozzle. Add to that, this house stands on an old lakebed, wich means that
the house is moving a little bit, creating cracks in the floor, wich of course distracts from the overall look on the floor.

However, now I find myself in a dilemma. The neighbours downstairs are creative when it comes to home
improvement, and I am not. I can decorate a room with the furniture quite far and put together a style that
fits the colors and similar, but I am clueless regarding the overall room so, I find myself thinking: “Well, the
neighbours downstairs has a DAYMN fine apartment, and I want mine to be similar, but HOW” Since
if I start now, with their apartment in my mind, most likely it will be as close to being a copy, and well
plagiarism is the finest form of compliments, but, they really deserve to have their apartment as an

Oh well .. Ill think of something.

SOS! Save me please!!!!

Oh no, it has happened. My son has, despite my best efforts developed a horrible taste in music.
For some odd reason he has started to like the Numa Numa song and Karamelldansen (featuring the Tokyo stormtrooper)… sheeeeeesh

The worst part of it all is that he pretty much demands that you kick in the repeat button on those songs
so hard that they never stop and its slowly, but surely driving me crazy. I have tried, with my best efforts
to raise him on various rock music, such as AC/DC, Alice Cooper, Dio, Metallica, Iron Maiden and then round
that off with classics such as the man in black himself, Mr Cash, and other such large legends, but alas,
it appears that his taste in music goes to the grotesque … and someone PLEASE help me. The kid is on the way
to ruin. I am pretty sure that I will have what I dread the most. A hip hoper son ….. AUGH the horror!

His mother aint exactly helpin … she just started to play “The Macarena” for David. Now I have 2 of them in the
same apartment!

NO No no no no no no no IIIIIIIIIIIIIIH

Thats the most common sound right now here at home. For some reason my son
has decided that “no” is the equivalent of both the swedish word “nej” wich is no, and
pretty much anything that he doesnt want at the moment. And boy, that is frustrating.

He stands up, declares his noes, with no explanation whatsoever, and you know that he
can imply most things that he wants either audibly or visibly by pointing at it, but yet
he persists on indicating what he DOESNT want, and never any inkling of what he DOES want.
Life is hard when you are 2 years old I guess, when you have dense parents who cant
read your mind and refuses to let you climb on anything thats available to reach the
topmost shelf for no reason whatsoever then the fact that its there.

To make matters worse, David now finds himself at a loss. There is an invader in the house
and he is smaller then David! On top of that, he steals almost all attention from the parents
by simply screaming and farting.

I dont know how David thinks, because he doesnt have the words to express that currently and
I am guessing that its part of the problem. As a parent though, all you can do is show that
yes, there is another one that gets attention, but we still love you and we will hug you at
every turn we get.

Just venting some right now folks…

Censorship, the silent creativity killer (Rambling set to ON)

These days censoring things have become more and more
common again for some reason and unfortunatly, the
reasons are none other then pure greed and monetary interrests.

Do you remember when democracy was a lead and a motto that
was to be followed and everyone was to have their say in the
proceedings in what went on and what was decided?

Well, when it comes to art, this is no longer true. Lets say that
I make a really cool video with pretty much whatever, it might
even be one of the best/funniest/saddest/whatever in the world
but the theme goes perfectly together with one of all these cookie
cutout artists songs that are so popular in the mainstream these days,
so I decide to use one of them as a background song for the video.

It fits perfectly and I decide to put the thing on youtube or whatever,
and voila, I get the sound removed from the movie or even get the
movie deleted because a record company or other owns the
copyright for this song. … but.. but.. I am not stealing your music,
I am using it yes, but I am not cutting into your monetary interrests
by using it as an audio backdrop, am I?

Now, I dont create that much music, and probably never will, I do however, as you can see
create digital art and if someone wants to us it for pretty much whatever, I am only happy to oblige
and my conditions are simple. 1. dont claim you made the image and 2. send me a link with the final
thing so I can watch in awe and admire your work and know that I had a part in it. Whats the harm in that?
I really cant see it.

Now, lets say that I am a well paid recording artist with a few dollars more then the blue collar guy
in my wallet, wouldn’t it be good of me to spread my work out a little and let users create using what I have
already created and hence maybe enlarging my fanbase and in the end open up possibilities for a bigger
revenue stream?

Unni Drougge released audio books on pirate bay without any intention of getting paid for it, since
“everyone knows that filesharing is stealing”, yet, someone urged her to set up a paypal account,
and guess what…. she got paid, and paid pretty much the same amount that a normal advancement on a
novel from a real publisher would have gotten her.

Hold the phone right here. Yeah, just stop and smell the greens. Pirates actually PAID to download her
audiobook from a place that is known to keep everything free. Now, something is twisted here.

Now, I dont presume to know how the big record, software and movie companies think, and I probably
never will get that insight seeing that I am who I am, but really, shouldn’t new ways of reaching potential
customers be welcomed? There will always be filesharing, theres been filesharing since the old days
when a few holes in a square piece of cardboard was all that was needed to create a working software copy,
and I very much doubt that a phenomenon so ingrained will be removed, more likely it will be pushed
underground and sadly, that will also open up for other, worse situations with other activities best
not mentioned.

So, I have previously made my standpoint clear in what I think, and I will keep it as a mantra and
repeat it over and over and over and over again. I DO belive that artists should get paid for their
efforts, but I also feel that there are a lot of things that needs to be changed, such as the time that they
have an exclusive right for looooooong after they have passed away…. sheesh. When it comes
to software there are also different models that might work, and I even left a suggestion earler,
if you want to browse it, you can find that HERE

Now, this whole post became a giant sidetrack in itself, I think I would be better off stopping here
so I will do just that and say the following: Clear your own yard before complaining about someone

Sights on google usage part II

Google has now released the lists of the most common search words on its search engine.

Fastests growing (Sweden)
1. spotify
2. translate
3. facebook
4. eniro
5. blocket
6. blogg
7. bdb (billddagboken)
8. hotmail
9. hitta
10. google

Most popular search terms Sweden
1. facebook
2. youtube
3. blocket
4. google
5. eniro
6. aftonbladet
7. lexikon
8. bdb (bilddagboken)
9. tradera
10. hotmail

And from what I can see it’s nothing really there that surprises me. However, on the list of  fastest growing, overall,
you see something funny.
Fastest growing globally
1. michael jackson
2. facebook
3. tuenti
4. twitter
5. sanalika
6. new moon
7. lady gaga
8. windows 7
10. torpedo gratis

Look at number 9 .. someone googled a URL. Now, I can see someone google a URL if you want to know more
about the URL, but seriously, fastest growing on place number 9 ? Why not just go to the URL instead and
save you some time sifting through the sponsored links?