Yesterday was one of those days… literally. I have been working evenings
this weeknd and well, frankly, evenings are the worst if you think about
the workload, but for me, being a nightperson, its good to sleep in.

However, the day really started off wrong. My girlfriend was in a prissy mood
when she woke me up, and well, that hardly put a smile on my face. Normally
when I wake up I have my little routine. Normally I get out of bed, go outside
for a smoke, then in to the bathroom and then, I sit down in my chair to clear
my foggy head. It usually takes somewhere between 30 minutes til 1 hour
to get control of my brains and my hands. Before that is done, I cant basically
hold anything fragile because I would either break it or drop it.

Now, I get my son more or less shoved onto me. Oh well. deal with it i guess.
While holding the kid, I somehow, manage to make myself a pot of coffee.

So, When I give David back to his mother for my little morning coffee, I sit down
and start to read the news. When I reach out to grab the mouse for the computer
my coffeecup gets turned over .. right over my keyboard. So now, I have a
nice black, logitech keyboard filled with almost an entire cup of coffee.

Well, you can imagine the rest of the day.