Thats the most common sound right now here at home. For some reason my son
has decided that “no” is the equivalent of both the swedish word “nej” wich is no, and
pretty much anything that he doesnt want at the moment. And boy, that is frustrating.

He stands up, declares his noes, with no explanation whatsoever, and you know that he
can imply most things that he wants either audibly or visibly by pointing at it, but yet
he persists on indicating what he DOESNT want, and never any inkling of what he DOES want.
Life is hard when you are 2 years old I guess, when you have dense parents who cant
read your mind and refuses to let you climb on anything thats available to reach the
topmost shelf for no reason whatsoever then the fact that its there.

To make matters worse, David now finds himself at a loss. There is an invader in the house
and he is smaller then David! On top of that, he steals almost all attention from the parents
by simply screaming and farting.

I dont know how David thinks, because he doesnt have the words to express that currently and
I am guessing that its part of the problem. As a parent though, all you can do is show that
yes, there is another one that gets attention, but we still love you and we will hug you at
every turn we get.

Just venting some right now folks…