its dodge it like Reinfeldt. Now, one of the larger political parties here, the social democrats
or rather, their leader, is fishing for votes. She says, and I quote: “Om det blir det förslag som låg i riksdagen, så river vi upp det och förändrar lagstiftningen” wich in englis translates to: If it is the proposition that was filed in parliament, we will tear it up if we win the election”

Now, I really really like to believe that, but im afraid that 95% of all political parties
have lost all their credebility for me. How so? Ok, lets look at a little facts please.
The FRA law is passed. Who passed it, well, the right wing alliance with the now current
government in the lead. _BUT_ who filed the law? Well, the former, social democratic
government with Tomas Bodström. Ok, nothing personal against him really, but
seriously. I just WISH that when he had a seat, he would listen to the people, instead
of following the smell of money.

So, then comes the religious party here in sweden. Kristdemokraterna. Obviously they
have some good points. For one thing, quite a few of them are against the FRA law
for one thing. However, theres a lot of prejudice there. For instance, the majority
of them thinks that homosexual individuals shouldnt be allowed to be married
in a church, much less be allowed to be seen in public.

I guess ill hoist the jolly rodger instead. Yarr mateys.

Oh. and just for the sake of pissing people off I present to you:
Jihad, Bomb, War, Declare, Infidel, Anthrax

Have a good one peeps