Some might remember the battle I had with my voice a while back, well, right now I am
having a battle in my mind already. I managed to contract a cold for the first time in I dont know
how long, I have had fever, and of course, throat pains. And this scares the hell outta me because
now I have a job that I enjoy and I want to evolve and do the best I can but to do that I have to
be able to use my voice. However,  it appears that the boss I have now actually cares about his
little workers, instead of just ignoring us. That simple “get well soon” meant a lot to hear when
you are more used to hearing “Get yer arse back to work you as soon as you can.”

What scares me the most is that this is giving me a good mind job. What if its the same thing
again? I know it most likely isn’t but still. What if? I am a damn good support tech. I can calm
most people and make them analyze the problem and in most cases, solve the problem so that
the client understands why that problem occured and what can be done to prevent similar problems
in the future. The customers I talk to are generally happy with the support I provide and
well, I enjoy the feeling of helping. However, to do that effectivly, I have a tool that is now
more or less disabled, I can stand headaches, migraines even an upset stomach, but when
my voice is down, my performance also goes down with it. I need to be able to talk to the
client so as to not get things the wrong way, or hear audibly that the client is using the wrong
terms and hence wont be getting the help that is needed.

All this is taxing on my mind, but I know one thing. I wont back down. I know the tricks this time
around. I am not gonna let my throat kill off my voice and put me out of fighting. I picked up a lot
from the last doctor and right now I am putting it all to the test, and with a little luck, I will
be back at work very shortly, as shortly as possible, and keep evolving into the support tech that
you all want to call.