Camilla Lindberg (FP)Once again, Camilla Lindberg is seen in the
news. And to be honest, I dont envy her, I
may not like her partys decisions much
when it comes to politics but Camilla
deservs respect. Respect for standing
up to things she doesnt feel are right,
respect for trying to protect the small mans
integrity and privacy and most of all, respect
for facing a battle head on even though it
may cost her a lot of what she holds
dear. My hat (if i had one that is) is off for

She is a little taken aback by her fellow party members for acting
infantile and stating that If she does vote no, she wont have any friends left.
Now, I really hoped that the people that got elected was more mature then
that, but I guess I was dead wrong.

Maybe it’s time to give the people a BETTER chance to remove single persons that
are generally held “not doing a good job” I know Sweden isnt known for actions,
but how about this for an idea.

After a vote for parliament, we let the new guys settle in, and after half the election time
there could be a new election that doesnt concern the parties, but concerns the PERSONS
that are sitting in the parliament.  Im not really sure what percentage would be counted
as grounds for dismissal, but still .. could be fun.