In my previous post, I railed some at the
people at spotify for not providing a client
for the windows mobile. I then got a mail
from a reader that wanted to know where to
get the “hacked together” client. I dare say that
the client does not look like something thats
hacked together but rather like a piece of
software that can be a complement to my phone.

The program is called “mySpot” and can be
found here:
on the XDA Developers site. It lacks
some things such as spotify’s own
“offline listen”  but hey, if you have a good
dataplan or access to a wifi, whats the problem?

This is however NOT a free ticket to premium
spotify, you will still need to have a premium
account to be able to access it from your mobile, but still.

The development on this seems to have been progressing faster then spotify’s own development
for a windows mobile client, and they have, hopefully, more then a single programmer
AND access to the source code to use as reference. The guy who has made this program
probably reverse engineered the spotify client for PC to get this together and frankly,
theres a lot of cudos for him in this.