20 years … That is a long time to be abusing your body I guess, but thats pretty much
how long I have been doing it in various ways and I figured it was time to stop. Stop what?
Well, smoking of course. Some people will shake their heads and say “You wont last 2 days!”.

I break you!

To that I say “NYAH!” I am already passed that. I havent smoked a single cigarette for the
last four days and the worst is over. I had some pretty bad withdrawal syndromes but I
am over the worst hump. I no longer break out in uncontrollable sweats just because
my body tells me, I no longer get dizzy spells. It is with mixed feelings really.

Smoking was a social thing aswell as a need on a pure reptile based basis, but my hope
is that I will be free of these things forever. I am not doing it because the society wants
me to, because as you know, I rarely care about that, but rather for my own health and
purely financial reasons and since I did it as a choice, not as a forced decision, I think it
might be a better result. I will let you know how things goes.

Take care