Well, as you may have noticed this one has been very stagnant for a while. The reason for this is a secondary blog that I am working on wich mainly consist of guides, tips and tricks regarding technical matters ranging from simple things as digital TV to IPV6.

The blog itself can be found here: http://www.tekniskt.se
It is a corroboration of several of my colleagues and is written in swedish, wich for me is quite the change seeing as I mainly
write in english, albeit bad english, but still.

So, now I am back at working on this one, and
I have to say that it’s a sweet pleasure to be
in a site where I feel I dont have to take the same caution regarding SEO and similar just
because I really dont care for the ranking
on this page. The readers I have will keep reading and never mind if I am on the first place on a google search or not.

However, this site will have quite a bit of overhauling before it is complete but I feel
that I have made good progress sofar.
What do you think?