Emotions are funny things really, we can’t surpress them, and we
can hide them, but beneath the exterior of our masks, they are
still there. Churning, want to induce laughter or make you cry
but somehow, in todays society we generally dont show emotions
the way that might be needed sometimes, we bottle it all up inside
and swallows that lump down and pretend that it was never there
in the first place.

This comes back sooner or later to bite you in the posterior of
course, and your therapist earns a bundle just because we and the
society we live in expect us to behave in a certain way, and to the
lowest hell with the one that doesn’t comform with those ideas.

Let me give you a good example. How often do you see a man
cry? Sure. it happens, but usually its because one or another sports
superstar retires and its usually followed by a macho slap on the
back from the fellow drinking buddies. And really, sports are intertwined
with a lot of emotions, but how about a man crying just because a sad
movie, or Pete forbid, a sad song.

Think on that for second. If you, as a man compare the times when
you cry, compared to your girlfriend/wife and you see for yourself.
If you cry just as often or more, the chances are, you are most likely
considered a “wimp” by the other fellow men, and you are aware of it.

Now, let me admit. I am a man, and I can cry, and no, its not because
a superstar retired, and not because I stubbed a toe.

I find that I have become very sensitive to things that regards children
and parents relations to their children. There are a lot of sad songs out
there, but some of them are simply a little too horrible in their content
for me to not react. Let me show you a few, and please, feel free to comment
and give me more to list here.

Martina McBride – Concrete Angel

Stephen Curtis Chapman- Cinderella

Kenny Chesney – There goes my life

Now, not all are sad, but they do touch me emotionally to a really big extent.
Hope you like em.