Well, the old heap that I got to restore got what might be called a massive update. From the beginning, it was chugging
along at a meager 730 Mhz, wich wasn’t really that bad when the computer was freshly bought. Now however, I have
more CPU power in my phone.. hows that for a change. It also spotted 3X sticks of SDRAM, each at 128Mb each and
well … it couldnt do much. You started up internet explorer (wich was the only browser installed, dont blame me)
and then you went to grab a cup of coffee, came back in time to see the window load.

I did some thinking and figured I had some spare parts laying around. I had Linda do some scrounging while I was
at work, told her what to look for and when I got home, the Dr went to work. Now, its still not a top of the line system
but it really isnt half bad to use. It sports a nice AMD XP 3000+ cpy chugging at 2.1 Ghz (more then double the speed)
and 1 Gb ram (Also more then double) and a new CPU fan, and a new PSU. On top of that, there was a fresh install
of Windows XP, aswell as assorted needed software. So, now its running like clockwork. Hope the old lady that
owns the system will be pleased. I know I am considering what I got to work with from the start.