It is a phenomenon that has shown its head more and more these days.
Musicians are making covers of this and that, and well, some might be
an utter waste of time, but some are actually worth listening to, and in
some aspects might even be better then the original. My taste in music
is very broad and hence, I come across covers pretty much everywhere.

One favourite song of mine, is Disturbed’s “Land of confusion:

What many dont know, or maybe dont care about is that the song is actually
a cover of an old Genesis song. Yeah, Genesis, you know, those who had that
famous drummer named “Phil Collins”. Here’s the original:

Not a bad cover by David Draiman and his band ey?

A cover is one thing, but making a bad cover is another story really.
There are of course, hilarious covers out there aswell, and I will get to
those later on in this little show of mine.

Some people, like “the king of rock” Elvis Presley make a living on covers
and some release covers just to boost a low or waning career. Whatever the
reasons are for an artist to make a cover, the only thing I ask for is
that you do something that pay homage to the original artist, not to
slice and dice the song in a futile effort to make the song seem like it
is “yours”.

Depending on your voice, you may, or may not be suited to do certain
covers, here you have what I personally think is an abyssmal choice of

I seriously hope I dont have to tell you wich band made the original.
Dear Avril, you have a good voice, much better then I have, I will freely
admit this, but couldn’t you have picked a better song to cover out of
Metallica’s wide arsenal of musical rockets? How about Sanitarium (Welcome home)?

Then of course, there are those that just likes to twist your arm and force you
to start listening to something that you never would have listened to in the
first place. This is a song that pretty much everyone can sing along to, but
I am pretty sure that there isn’t that many that openly admit to liking it.

And I can honestly say, I really dont like the Bee-Gees, but hey, they made
money didn’t they?

However, when you stumble across an old hero making a cover of THAT,
it either brings a laughter out of you, or a tear. For me, its a mixture of both.

Do you have more examples? Feel free to mail me or leave a comment
and I will take a look.

Oh, I dont need Hallelujah by Mr. Cohen, because I know that both Jeff Buckley and
Rufus Wainwright does beautiful covers of it.