The force be with you may

The force be with you may

Katie Goldman is a different little girl, in fact, so different that I in some ways
envy her.

Katie Goldman


She has her starwars motifed water bottle to school, have a starwars backpack,
and some anonymous boy tries to taunt her for it claiming its a bottle for boys, not little
10 year old girls. Now first off, to Katie I want to say this: Stand up for your right
to be an individual. Keep being someone who stands out of a crowd because that
will get you further in life then just being one in a crowd that looks like another
cookie cutter figure. To the little boy who tried to bully her regarding the water bottle
I want to say this: I know you are jealous of Katies waterbottle, but why not ask
Katie where her mother bought hers so you can get one just the same and
you both can be cool starwars fans together?

Oups, sidetracked there. Back on track.
It seems that this incident more or less made it to the huffington post, one of the most
read blogs online, if not the most read, and was written about there and the response
was quite overwhelming. Thousands of starwars geeks wrote on a facebook page that
in homage of Katie, they would wear starwars clothes and many of them even posted
pictures online, like this one:

This one was sent by @soozenw’

I am guessing its his/her kid and I must say I love it.

Anyhow, it seems that more then 33000 people took an interrest in little Katie’s plight and
I am one of them. Katie, the best of luck from a fellow starwars geek and i must say, the force is
strong in this one.

Katie’s mom asked “is this how it starts?”

Well Carrie, that depends on what “it” is. It could have been the start of a downward spiral, however,
“it” turned out to be a flood of well wishings and support to a little star wars fan, who suddenly got
33000 supporters that wants nothing more then show your little girl


Well, as you may have noticed this one has been very stagnant for a while. The reason for this is a secondary blog that I am working on wich mainly consist of guides, tips and tricks regarding technical matters ranging from simple things as digital TV to IPV6.

The blog itself can be found here:
It is a corroboration of several of my colleagues and is written in swedish, wich for me is quite the change seeing as I mainly
write in english, albeit bad english, but still.

So, now I am back at working on this one, and
I have to say that it’s a sweet pleasure to be
in a site where I feel I dont have to take the same caution regarding SEO and similar just
because I really dont care for the ranking
on this page. The readers I have will keep reading and never mind if I am on the first place on a google search or not.

However, this site will have quite a bit of overhauling before it is complete but I feel
that I have made good progress sofar.
What do you think?

Good question

Good question

But the answer is PROFIT and GREED. What was the question? Take a look at this one:

Very often you hear that the price for CDs are high due to shipping, ARTWORK! casing, actual cost
of discs etc etc. But here, you have the exact same price, for one with the above mentioned, and
one without!

Would you go to the pastry shop and by two cakes, exactly the same on the inside, but one does
not have any glacing what so ever, and you still pay the same, full price for it? Does that make sense?

Seriously now! Give me a way to generate a revenue stream to the ARTISTS that I wish to
support without going through greedy companies that thing censorship is the best thing
ever since sliced bread and I will do so. Flattr is one way i guess.

What’s up with the giant?

What’s up with the giant?

Well, it appears that facebook is down, however it seems that every site checker that I check tells
me that its up, even a speedtest through Pingdom “” shows me that it’s
online and operational. This was weird really, but how can that be? Well, they could be hammered
by a ddos attack and closed countries IP, however, I cant really see the status of that, another might
be a faulty DNS somewhere along they way. Whatever reason, I would like to know seeing as I can
harass people online without it. Take care now

Think longer then until tomorrow.

Think longer then until tomorrow.

Maud Olofsson, the leader for the swedish center party had an idea that either
is A: completely out of sorts with what will eventually happen, or, have not
thought of the consequences whatsoever.

The idea is that all men who are convicted with spousal abuse and gets a restraining
order will also wear a digital tracker device of the same type as you give people convicted
but allowed to serve their sentancemat home. The article can be found here:

Now, the thought of the matter is that as it is now, the women who are abused
gets a little restricted since broken restraining orders are a common think for
the swedish police, and a thought regarding this is laudable and commendable,
but… wait a minute, After an EVENTUAL sentance, what then? Shall we continue
to treat the men that albeit being scum, have served a sentance and in effect
“paid their debt to society”?

Wouldn’t that undermine the system of these electronic trackers in themselves since a lot
of people will be convicts without a sentance? How many of them will report that they are
being unfairly treated as criminals AFTER served time and without “just cause”?

Now, lets take a second to clarify here. I do not condone spousal abuse in any form and my
personal conviction and believe is that men who beat women and children are weak
individuals with a lack of impuls control and morals that makes them too low on the scale
to even pity HOWEVER they do have a right to be treated like every other person in the society
when not proven guilty or after served time. I know that this is a repeat behaviour, but still.

Wouldn’t it be better if we GAVE these abused women a counter part to this tracker that really
only starts tracking as soon as a button is pressed,  lets say put it on the side of a purse, and
when pressed this does the following:

Sends an instant alarm to the police with exact coordinates. After this is done, emit a blaring
sound signal that makes people aware that something untoward is going on, aswell as educate
the population in this particular signal and what that means so that the general public can help?

Not everyone has the civil courage to do so, but there are some of us who would. You cant
enforce civil courage with laws, but you can encourage it.

Oh, come on already. You gotta be kidding!

Oh, come on already. You gotta be kidding!

According to CopySweden, Home burned CDs are at a new low and they
are looking to generate income from other storagemedi…..

We already pay unknown people to be able to store our vacation photos
and whatnot just for the sake of the “Possibility to use to store copywrited
material” and we also get flooded with the latest commercials when
listening to music on the radio. Now they want to add the SAME PENALTY
ON MEMORYCARDS?!? They have got to be joking but alas, I am pretty
damned sure they are not.

Seriously, just because YOU CAN doesnt mean YOU WILL!
I have the equipment to rape hundreds of women every year, aswell
as with my bare hands strangling and beating people to pulps but
does that mean I should serve a preemptive lifetime sentance in
jail, or better yet, seeing as you could count it into possible
thousands of victims, be dragged to the tribunal in Haag
and condemned to death for crimes against the human race
just because I HAVE THE ABILITY TO?

We already pay a license to HAVE a TV, regardless if we watch it or not
or, even if we only have it plugged in to the TV to have that GLORIOUS
image when playing games, but hey … we have to pay for 2 channels that
hasn’t produced anything viewable since the late 70’s when Lennart Hyland
went into retirement aint that good for something?

Either way I turn, there crops up new fees for this and that, I am sure that
pretty soon there will be an “arm bending tax” wich will be calculated on
how many times you lift your arm to speak into your mobile phone, and a hefty
fee will be added to the bluetooth headsets because they make it possible to
circumvent the tax laws. Hows that for a treat?

So in essence, if you can store ANY data on a device, you will, in the future
have to pay a fee for the filesharers that potentially may use this device
to store copywrighted material. Just so you know, in theory, you could store
information in a standard digital wristwatch…….

Wich means, anything that has any form of storage, as long as you in one
way or another, will be getting this new fee… lets hope pacemakers doesnt
have any chips that you can access.