Lets face it, blogging is a fashion thing. Not as in everyone who blogs do so about fashion, but rather
everyone more or less has to have one to be with the “in” crowd and have a slight chance of getting
some recognition. Now, there are thousands of blogs created each day. Literally. And of those,
maybe 10 survive the 5 first posts because people dont have the energy to write, or dont know
of what to write. This has 2 effects. The web gets more and more “dead” pages that doesn’t get updated
content and it gets harder and harder to get those gold nugget sites that keeps you coming back.

Now, I do know that I have some recurring visitors from various places of the world and
frankly, I am grateful for it. I dont feel that I write because I want recognition, I write to
share my thoughts on various topics and maybe get some good suggestions sent back to me
on those said topics, or to just push my opinion out for people to view. Is that something that is

Now though, companies have started to regard personal blogs as somewhat of a threat. If someone
is writing negative comments about the company that they work for, they risk getting fired from
that company. Now, that in itself, is  something that I dont support by any stretch of imagination
but apparently freedom of speech is not something that is covering blogs. Now, I would like
to interject something here. If someone lets out work secrets such as upcoming campaigns or a fusion
with another company like that, of course  you should get the sack, but telling about the work
environment, or bosses who dont know jack about things without mentioning their names, now that
is a whole different story.

But a lot of companies that has employees, unfortunatly have rotten HR politics, and seeing that the
economy is what is is, as well as the job market, well, it is really the employers choice and you
as an employee may not have much say in the matter. I know that I have a union rep that I could
talk to, but they are pretty much powerless in everything but a sexual harassment case and this
does not qualify as such, wouldn’t you agree?

So, all in all, we are hampered by our bosses by telling us “you cant talk negative about the company”
and we are hampered by the state as they tell us “you need constant surveillance, because you might be
a criminal” and we are hampered by ourselves, in not being abe to oppose this.

Lets rock this globe.