Here we go. You, yes you there, who said those who told stories of how
anti piracy firms would go haywire and throw threats to left and right
were all doomsday profets. Have you eaten your crow for today?
If not, get your salt and pepper ready because here comes some more
for you to put on your plate, together with your integrity, hopes and freedom.

The swedish Anti Piracy Bureu(sic?) has sued the site
and that in itself, might not be such a strange thing. Now, heres the deal.
The site is a CLOSED torrent site. Means that you have to have an invitation
to get inside. The owner of received the standard “Hey you, shut down
or we will sue you so hard that your great grandkids will have debts” letter
stating that he/she should cease and desist due to the fact that he/she
is sharing copywrighted material. Ok, said the owner, sure, but what
copyrighted material are we talking about here. Wich files?

To that, the APB responded: “It is an obligation of the one who handles the service
to make sure that this service is not participating in copywright infringement. We
have no intention of submitting a list of the files in question as that is not our

This is however an excerpt, but all in all, heres the meaning of it all.

We think you are filesharing, and since we do, we now threaten you with
very high fines and possible and most likely jail time so that you close down
your site. You wont know wich files we are talking about, because we dont have
to tell you that. So, come out and face the firing squad with your hands up
so we can get this over with.

Does anyone else but me see this as a little strange?
Now the swedish phonecompany and ISP, Telia is battling to not have to leave
the holder of the IPnumber and I REALLY hope that they succeed.

Swedens politicians have forever lost my confidence. They handed away
police business to profit hungry organisations that seem to have null and void
respect for how to handle errands, and who thinks that since they have
money on their side, they can do whatever they want.

Is this how we want it to be? That people have to constantly feel monitored
and watched whereever we go, even if it’s within the walls of what is supposed
to be your private home? We aren’t really there yet, but with the way things are
going, it wont be far now. People in black S.W.A.T. TEAM outfits will kick your
door down and you will see the APB logo on their backs, they will raid your
computer desk, and if there is a single home burned CD there, they will take
it, call it evidence and rummage through it in the safety of their new billion
dollar HQ.

Never mind that the CD is  your vacation photos, and of course, if you and
your spouse had a little quality adult time together with a camera, they will
sue you for damaging A: The porn industry, since it needs people to consume
porn to survive, and B: the manufacturer of the CD-rom since they get a really
really damaged reputation by having that kind of material shown on their

Geez Louise!