Why do you have to ask?

Everything I do when it regards the united states
evolves around 2 simple questions, that pops up
again, and again, and again, and again.

These questions really are redundant but they HAVE
to be put into the light anyway.

Lets play a scenario.

LAX, border control.

– Hello Sir, May I ask you some questions?
  – Why certainly sir, please be my guest.
– What is your business here in the United States?
 – I am here to learn how to fly a plane, then crash
   that plane into some very high buildings, causing
   havoc and despair and pretty close to a third world
   war just because you are all infidels.
– Are you a part of, or know any affiliate of any
  known terrorist groups?
 – Oh yes, I am a member of the Football Tigers!
   who fight to rename American Football to American Kevlar
   testing game.

I dont see that discussion taking place in the
customs, do you?

Seriously, If I was a terrorist, do you think I would
admit it when I am right in the face of doing my deed?
I would keep my mouth shut so tight you would need a crowbar
to find the words, or smile, and lie through my teeth
and I am pretty sure that the 9/11 group told the customs
exactly what they where in the states to accomplish.

I dont support terrorists in any way, I can see that
they have an opinion, they are entitled to have one
but they try to enforce it the wrong way. If something
upsets you and a larger group of people, fine, do
a demonstration, a violent one in a pacifist way.

With a violent demonstration I dont mean “blow shit
up and take some people with you” but I mean a massive
gathering of people, that in an ordered way shouts
out to the governments or whatever to make their point.

You want America out of whereever? Fine, demonstrate
about it, and if enough numbers shows that standpoint
without causing havoc, you really can accomplish a lot.

I know how I would react if I get singled out at the
border. I heard something about a sign that states
“dont joke about these things, we will take it seriously”
and really, when I am nervous, I am like a stand up comedian.
If its there, I WILL joke about it, so when they ask
if I know any terrorist, I am pretty sure that I will
answer “does a 1 year old kid count as a terrorist?”

Well, off to guantanamo with my sorry butt.

On a good note tho, I know have it confirmed that
the woman I live with isnt a terrorist.