…because daddy has a new little pirate around.

There was a fair in town this weekend, quite large ones actually
and there was quite a lot to look at, but a few things struck me
as odd. First, it seemed like every third stall was selling sunglasses
and well, to be honest, not the good looking ones. These where the
types that was modern in the 70’s, and might be so now, but they
still make you look like a beetle or a fly. I simply cannot understand
why good fashion never comes back, but the bad always do.

Anyhow, we got a few things that was good. I got myself a new wallet thingy
one of those that are more made to keep credit cards then cash, but still
I dont carry around cash if I have to, I got myself a nice little 3d poster
for the wall over my computer setup, and Linda of course, got candy, and
another handbag. I think she has 8 or so now. I guess it’s kinda like the shoe
thing with women. You know that a woman can never have enough shoes.
For Linda, its handbags.

Anyhoo, back to what we got. Sort of at least.
I recently joined a group on facebook, called “I dont care if your crocs are comfy,
you look like an idiot wearing them” and guess what Linda brought home from
the faire… you guessed it. A pair of blue crocs for David to wear and my protests
was met with “But, they are so cuuuuuute!” And that was that. My son now
wears crocs wether I like it or not.

We also needed another hat or cap for David because the one he had, had those
earflap things that well, covered the ears, but in 25 centigrade warmth, that isn’t
really comfortable. So, we looked around, and lo and behold. We found a Pirate/
biker bandana, take a look:


Kinda neat huh? So, now when I take the babystroller, I fill it with my own little pirate.