Ok, in the previous post I mentioned a webcomic. Bruno the bandit. I have been a follower
of that one for quite a while and it still havent bored me, wich sadly, happens quite
easy. So, I scour the web for more to read.

For a while I followed Scott Abrams “Sluggy Freelance” quite funny and surreal
having a little rabbit with a switchblade knife, and said bunny has a hatred
towards telemarketers that is unrivaled.

Another of the comics I follow is User friendly. A techie comic
about a small ISP and its weird denizens, including the wannabe
evil genious Pitr (really named Peter) who has adapted a fake slavic
accent to appear more evil. To show HOW evil he is, he manages
to merge pepsi and coca cola under the name Pitr Cola wich consists
of 98% caffeeine. The old Tech Relic Sid who knows how to play
quake on an abacus. The timid and shy designer A.J, The bitter
support guy Greg. The slimy marketer Stef and of course, the female distractions,
Miranda, a sysadmin and Pearl, Sids daughter.

And here comes the odd men out. You have Cthulhu
and Hastur (hastur was found by distilling usenet bitterness) and
a walking ball of dust called Dustpuppy, who by accident codes
a super intelligent AI using Cobol. Satire is waiting to happen.

Ill keep posting more interresting webcomics here in a while.